Rhapsody Blues…..? Maybe Red~

Rhapsody Continental Cuisine

Address: 10152 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1T6

Phone:(905) 884-0305

Website: www.rhapsodycuisine.com

I am a slight bit guilty for not learning about the restaurant earlier, since I have been living in town for 20 years!  This is our main Christmas Lunch to-go-to, and a hidden gem that will continue to shine.

Rhapsody is a  family owned restaurant, located at the heart of downtown Richmond Hill.  One can easily miss the entrance to the eatery, as it is really small and blends into the building.   You can either park on Yonge Street or on one of the many side streets, as they do not have a designated parking lot.

IMG_3327The interior décor is very cultural, bright red walls with Hungarian artwork hanging everywhere.  The chairs are black, along with the flooring, quite contrasting.  During the day, a lot of natural sunlight comes in through the front windows and during the night, all depends on wall-lights and hanging lamps.  I find it really cozy and warm.  They also have live performances on the weekends and sometimes on the weekdays, dinner times only.  It definitely feels romantic~



Hungarian Beef Goulash Soup is very similar to Beef Stew.  There are a variety of vegetables in it – carrots, potatoes and celery.   It also has homemade nokedli, egg noodles with a soft texture which absorbs the flavours of the soup.  It is not as thick as a stew though.  The main difference between the two, is the spices used to cook it.  Paprika is the main spice used in a Goulash.  Shared among two people, I believed we each had 3 bowls of this delicious and hearty soup.


The Chicken Schnitzel is pounded SO ULTRA thin and lightly breaded.  It is not oily, as well as crunchy and has a light parsley flavour.  You can squeeze some lemon juice on it, which breaks down the fat of the meat and makes the schnitzel taste fresher.  It comes with diced potatoes and an option of vegetables or red cabbage as sides.  I usually go for the red cabbage because it is not something I eat often.  Their red cabbage is cooked in vinegar, producing a soft texture and has a tangy flavour.  I also think this side goes perfectly with the schnitzel because it keeps the appetite going.

IMG_3333Veal Paprika is also served with nokedli on the side and a scoop of sour cream on top.  I loved the sour cream because it blended well with the paprika spice and gave it a heavier flavour than just by itself.  DO NOT WASTE ANY SAUCE.  I was spooning all the remaining sauce that they saw how persistent and sad I looked, they generously gave me bread to dip or scoop it up, at no charge.  To be honest, I was debating if I should shamelessly and embarrassingly lick the plate clean or not, was one hard decision.

Service is great, very personal and friendly.  They are tentative, and readily available.  When you walk in, it does not appear to be very busy, however, you do realize that customers come and go.  Food is fresh and homemade.  They have a lunch and dinner menu, where the food selection is almost the same but priced differently.  For the amount you pay, the food portion is more than generous.  I will recommend anyone to give this restaurant a try.   Overall, I give it a 4/5.

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