A bowl of noodles mean……Momofuku?

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Address: 190 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5H 0A3

Phone: (647) 253-8000

Website: http://momofuku.com/toronto/noodle-bar-to/

Momofuku Noodle Bar is a ramen-fusion type of eatery, located at the heart of downtown Toronto, bordering the Entertainment District and Financial District.

Photo Credits to Retail Design Blog

Photo Credits to Retail Design Blog

As you push the heavy wooden doors, a very spacious and modern contemporary interior décor welcomes you.  They utilized straight lines and colours, which can be seen via the benches, tables and counters, to bring the space into harmony.  The main material or texture they used is the sand-coloured wood, which gives warmth and brightness.  The wood-look also made the space feel very solid and protective.  The long rectangular tables, are organized in rows, running down the depth of the restaurant, giving the illusion that the restaurant is deep and larger than it seems.  With the different elements of design, the restaurant was very comfortable and secure to sit in.

IMG_1157A bowl of  Momofuku Noodles – pork belly & shoulder, fish cake, egg ($15) was ordered.  The pork belly was marinated and cooked till soft.  It did not feel fat at all.  The noodles were al dante.  Kimchi was more sour than the usual ones I eat from other restaurants or buy from the grocery stores.  I wish it has more spiciness to it.  But remember to eat fast because the noodles absorb the soup.

IMG_1156The Chilled Spicy noodles – sichuan sausage, black bean, cashew ($14) was also ordered.  The spicy noodles were not spicy at all.  In fact, it had a very strong sweet soy sauce taste.  There were a lot of mixed greens and nuts in the bowl, made it appear more like a salad than really a bowl of noodles.

But overall, both bowls of noodles were TOO SALTY.  The base was not that special or cannot differentiate itself from other noodle restaurants.  There was a lack of wow factors on the menu.  For the amount you pay, the portions were quite small.  I find the interior decor the most interesting.  I give it 3 out of 5.  There is a lot of room for future improvement.

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