Sweet Cravings………

Sweet Note Dessert Inc.

Address: 505 Hwy. 7, Markham, ON L3T7V6
Phone: (905) 877-9338
Website: sweetnote.ca

005-DSC05257Located in Commerce Gate Plaza, bordering the Towns of Richmond Hill and Thornhill, the cafe is surrounded by a lot of Asian restaurants and bubble tea shops. Being in the center of all residential homes and business parks, the plaza is definitely a hangout place for all age groups.

004-DSC05256With drop-down windows and a bright turquoise logo, the store is hard to miss. Compared to its neighbours, Sweet Note is the only eatery with the simplest and tidiest interior design, a minimalist theme, with only a few tables, accompanied by white plastic chairs and hanging light bulbs. A seasonal or festive showcase is propped on the table next to the wall, showing a significant time in the year.  Personally, the space is presented cutely, compliments the sweetness of the desert, and the openness carries the aroma of the coffees or lattes; quite a relaxing place to enjoy an afternoon.

007-DSC05260At the entrance, the monthly specials and the daily-made dessert samples are neatly organized and presented in a glass showcase; very clever and clean. It makes it easier for us to decide on what to choose.  They do have a laminated menu, which indicates ALL the dessert selection and drinks they offer. Other than the usuals, there is a separate page showing the in-house chef’s specials, freshly made, and is the biggest selling point.  The specials are Chocolate Souffle, Vanilla Souffle and Matcha Creme Brulee.

010-DSC05264Chocolate Souffle + Sauce ($8.75) takes 30 – 45 minutes to make. Order ahead of time! We paired it with guava sauce, thinking it is different and I don’t eat guava often. Though the sauce was somewhat sour, but I was able to taste the pulp; therefore, I assume, it was made of fresh guava. The souffle was extremely soft and melt-in-the mouth; it was not overwhelmingly sweet or heavy. Paired with the guava sauce, it felt eating chocolate coated fruits, quite enjoyable.

001-DSC05253Matcha Latte ($4.50) was really frothy and had a very distinct matcha taste. It was pretty much a latte with a spoonful of matcha powder smothered on top.  However, when you drink to the bottom, you would realize it is just milk and no matcha.

003-DSC05255Creme Caramel Milk Bottle ($4.75) looked so cute. All the caramel syrup was positioned at the bottom of the bottle. When you poke your spoon to the bottom, a capillary effect is formed and the caramel gushes upwards. When you mix it all together, you are eating a non-baked, cold version of creme brulee. It was not sweet or heavy at all. I find it really interesting and satisfying.

009-DSC05262Mango Meringue ($6.50) was airy and crunchy. I am not a big fan of meringue because it sticks to the teeth, but this meringue did not. The whipped cream was like eating ice cream. Last but not least, I compliment the flavourful mango pieces and sauce on top. It was as if every part was made for each other.

I really enjoyed the desserts at Sweet Note. While I was there, the chef was still busily making the desserts; whipping or whisking the batter. It had a different menu, especially for North Toronto area, and the ingredients were fresh; everything was handmade from scratch. The desserts, overall, were not heavy or sweet; therefore, ladies, for those of you who is worried about gaining weight, do not worry because I did not feel guilty after stuffing all the deserts down my stomach. With the bright, simple and clean appearance of the storefront, I am very confident with the quality of the desserts. I rightfully give Sweet Note 4/5.

***My biggest suggestion to the chef is to make a larger variety because in the long run the customers will find the current selection boring, especially if they regularly eat there.

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