Four Season Noodle House

Four Season Noodle House

Address: 10593 Yonge St. Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3C5

Phone: (905) 884-7500

Four Season Noodle House is located at the once-upon-a-time (20 years ago) Harvey’s or Pizza Hut building, next to the old Richmond Hill neighbourhoods’ bowling alley.  Former restaurant, at the same location, was named Shiki All-You-Can-Eat Sushi, but changed business after two years to the current noodle house.  If you do not want to travel all the way south to the Korean Towns,  I definitely recommend trying this family owned restaurant for some authentic foods.

I feel this restaurant is quite understated and somewhat ignored because every time I eat there, only few tables are occupied.  I always wonder, how can you  maintain the restaurant with slow traffic but good quality?!  I therefore, decided to write about them and inform others of this hidden gem that is definitely worth trying.  *word of mouth*

Staff is friendly and tentative.  I love their smiles~  They give you recommendations, if you ask.  Because this is a family owned restaurant, they are more personal, like your friends.  *I think the owner’s wife remembers me by now*  Side dishes come out before you even order; while the entrees do take some time, but no more than 15 minutes.

The interior decor is newly renovated.  There are more booths and definitely looks cleaner and sleeker than before.  The booths provide more privacy and as a sound barrier from surrounding.  There is a slight modern look to it, compared to the before-Shiki.  Even with the change, I have to confess, the interior decor is quite boring, despite harmony is achieved by utilizing lines, forming similar shapes and through similar tones of colours.  Nonetheless, still quite a comfortable space to sit and eat in.

The menu focused on Korean Cuisine.  Even though the name of the restaurant indicates a noodle house, but you still find stews, dumplings and hot pot as well.  Therefore, it has a good enough variety, before getting too complicated.

IMG-20140217-WA0003I love Korean food for the side dishes they serve before your entree. This is also the first restaurant, I have tried, that serve pancakes as a side dish.  It was soft, very flavourful and healthy, with all the carrots and cucumbers in it.  Also, it was not oily.  They had the BEST kimchi ever in the GTA.  When you go to other Korean restaurants or the tubs purchased from supermarket, the kimchi has mostly vinegar sour taste to it, and too much juice.  But the kimchi from Four Season, sourness and spiciness was well blend together.  Just adequate amounts of both flavours rush out and begin your appetite, slowly yearning for more.  BUT, I wish they have the potatoes though, so it fulfills the sweet buds, along with the sour, salty and spicy.

wpid-20140704_192844.jpgThe Shiki Dumplings ($8.99 for 10 pieces), pork and vegetable filling, were HUGE.  They were freshly made and steamed.  Have fun taking 2 bites and have your mouth stuffed.  *OMNOMNOM*  The only improvement I suggest is the plating display.  The heat emits fast, therefore, they turn cold exceptionally fast.  Maybe, think of a way to conserve the heat and maintain its warmth for a longer time.

IMG-20140217-WA0004Steamed Pork Slices ($19.99) came in a big serving size, neatly organized.  Essentially, it is pork hock steamed with black taffy, soy sauce and ginger, served with garlic, spicy peppers and sauce.  There are couple ways of eating this dish – wrap it in lettuce with the condiments provided (like peking duck) or without the lettuce.  The texture of the pork slices were really soft and with the fat boiled out, so it does not feel heavy.  Flavour is simple, a lot of soy sauce.  I find the condiments more interesting because it enhances or balances the taste of the pork.

IMG-20140217-WA0002Spicy Dumpling Hot Pot ($23.99 for 2 servings) – Pork dumplings cooked with tofu, mushrooms, peppers and green onion in a spicy soup, served with noodles.  2 servings was more than enough to feed 3 people.  The broth was not as spicy as they claim it to be.  It reminded me of the NONSHIM instant noodles broth.  I for sure got my vegetable servings for the day, SO much.  I love mushrooms.  Put the noodles in as soon as it starts boiling because the noodles will absorb the flavour and will be very chewy.  *handmade noodles*.  Remember to reduce the heat because the broth will evaporate and will not taste as good.

This is definitely a more successful restaurant than Shiki Sushi.  The biggest improvements I noticed was the interiors, and food choice was fresh, simpler and easy to taste.  Not as complicated~  Sushi has too much variables and can easily go wrong.  Therefore, I think they made a right decision to serve Korean foods and tackling the appropriate crowd.  I can rightfully give Four Season Noodle House 3.75/5.  Maybe you will like it too 🙂

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