STOCK Restaurant Bar & Lounge AKA America


Address: 325 Bay St. 31st Floor , Toronto, ON M5H 3C2

Phone: (416) 637-5550


America or STOCK Restaurant Bar & Lounge, located on the 31st floor of the Trump Hotel is situated in the heart of financial district of Downtown Toronto, which is easily accessible via TTC and by foot, walking along the underground PATH.  From the outside, it looks like any ordinary offices, sharing the same exterior as its neighbours.  I have never pictured TRUMP Hotel to be surrounded by the Big 5 accounting firms and bank towers.  The convenience of the location, the targeted audience and atmosphere makes this Oliver & Bonacini restaurant a success.


Picture Credit to Savoir Faire Luxe

The moment you enter the lobby of the TRUMP Hotel, you are captivated by the sophisticated eclectic interior design. The beautiful cherry blossom artwork made of crystals is the eye-catching centre piece in the lobby.  The lobby is quite small, therefore, big windows are utilized to bring in more light, to brighten up the space.  A lot of reflective materials are used for every surface to make the space appear large and grand.  I compliment on the colours chosen; dark colours to bring out the sparkles of the crystals and the gold.  You know this is a 5-star hotel from the classy and expensive materials used to decorate the lobby and the smiles and service provided at the front desk and concierge. They were very helpful and patient with our “dumb” question of where STOCK restaurant was.

Anxious, desperate hungry minds taking the refined elevator to the 31st floor for dinner, came to realize…”Are we a bit too under dressed for this?  We are looking too casual.  Time for selfies!”  At some point, the decor reminded me a lot of the Great Gatsby movie by Leonardo DiCaprio, the glam of the rich, the grandeur of the mansions, somewhat living an American dream.

With the server leading the way to our table, I helped myself to admire the fanciness of the restaurant.  I thought I stood inside a great hall infinity times more beautiful than Hogwarts.  30 feet high ceiling and the immaculate wall art immediately grabbed my attention.  *Honestly, I lost my words.*  The elegant black and white themed dining hall offers a impeccable open air dining experience.  With the bright lights of Toronto beaming through the windows and internally reflect on the interior surfaces cause STOCK to shine within, absorbing the Toronto night lights.

We came to STOCK Restaurant and Bar to try their Summerlicious menu ($45).


wpid-20140712_180542.jpgChilled English Pea Soup was made with pingue prosciutto , mint creme fraiche and pea tendrils.  It was quite refreshing with the cold minty flavour and bits and pieces of peas submerged on the bottom.  Thou, the more I had the soup, the saltier it got and slowly I lost my interest in it.  Maybe chilled soups not my thing because it cooled down my stomach and slowly lost my appetite.  Nonetheless, I think the soup was well made and worth the try.

wpid-20140712_180606.jpgBay Scallop & Atlantic Salmon Ceviche of avocado creme fraiche, yuzu and togarashi popcorn was interesting.  It was my friend’s choice and I got to try a bit of it.  To simplify things, my opinion is: fresh scallops and salmon that has the paprika-like powder covering all natural flavours.  It was relatively salty.  Furthermore, I am not sure if I enjoyed the popcorn mixture because it was soft and crunchy at the same time, losing the essence of the course.


wpid-20140712_182134.jpgRoasted Royal Sea Bream & Calamari Marinara had house made chorizo, fregola, malbec-stewed tomato, basil as sides.

wpid-20140712_182124.jpgRoasted Corner Farm Veal Loin was made with creme fraiche whipped Yukon gold potatoes, northern woods mushrooms as sides and complimented with a classic green peppercorn sauce.  The mashed potatoes were very buttery and light, like ice cream.  The veal was tender and done just perfectly.  Taste of the overall dish was very peppercorn-ed, but paired with the mushrooms and peas, it neutralized the heavy peppercorn taste.


wpid-20140712_184638.jpgFlourless Fudge Cake is complimented with drunken cherries, apricots, aged balsamic, and milk chocolate sauce.  Amazing chocolate cake, as it was light, not overly sweet.

wpid-20140712_184623.jpgStrawberry Pavlova was mixed with Niagara ice wine stewed rhubarb, lime chantilly, and toasted pistachios.  Crunchy and light meringue, fused with a mixture of sweet and sour fruit sauce.  This dessert activates your taste buds and spices up your appetite.

STOCK Restaurant & Bar is, no doubt, a beautifully decorated classy restaurant with warm, polite service.  Surrounded by the concrete forest, the view outside the window is not a big wow-factor, hence, they played with light reflections to make it more attractive, which was very intelligent of the designers.  Being under the Oliver & Bonacini empire, the meal was guaranteed for quality ingredients and culinary skills.  Though, I confess if you have tried other restaurants under O&B, this meal will not be a surprise, as they taste relatively quite similar.  Overall, I give this Summerlicious menu a 3.75/5.  I recommend to have a meal there to enjoy the environment and the decor.

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