The Links Road Animal & Bird Clinic

The Links Road Animal & Bird Clinic

Address: 41 The Links Road.  Toronto, Ontario M2P 1T7

Phone: (416) 223 – 1165


Pet owners know how to relate animals as a family member and how they are emotionally connected to them.  Whenever something arises, the panic attack, the worries, the nervous system fires and attack us.  Therefore, it is EXTREMELY important to have a reliable, knowledgeable and sympathetic veterinarian.


Our family has a pet red-ear slider turtle, in other words, a reptile, for at least a decade.  I come from a weird family, does not like the usual things, like being un-ordinary and sort of weird.  The weirder the better.  We only got the turtle because the Japanese electronic pets, Tamagochi, was very popular.  My mother was not fond of the electronic or fake idea because we cannot get the full experience, brought us to the pet store and *TADA*.  We came home with new pet turtle, which till this day, still has no name.

It surprises me how turtle has quite a character because you’d be thinking, it doesn’t make sounds and spends all day in the water swimming or on the sun bathing deck absorbing natural sunlight.  However, she gets excited when it is feeding time, swimming quickly, splashing water and eagerly stares up at your spoonful of pellets.  She pounds on the tank if you are disturbing her sleep schedule.  She is very curious to a new environment.  She is a very cute, attentive, bossy and funny turtle.  We care about it.

Like all other creatures, turtles can catch an illness too.  She had a habit of crawling on rough surfaces, gradually sloughing and thinning the plastron (bottom of the shell).  4 years ago, she had symptoms of shell infection because of the pink marks, lack of appetite and movement (all from assumption, internet research, e-mails and doctor’s dignosis).  This was mainly how we discovered The Links Animal and Bird Clinic.


Credits to: Yellow Pages

The clinic specializes in reptiles, avian, and unusual animals, and highly recommended by all veterinary clinic in the York Region area.  It was quite an awesome experience.  I was sitting in the waiting area with the turtle, and surrounded by parrots, budgies, rodents of sorts and gecko or lizard of sorts.  I felt like I was sitting in a zoo.

Next up, I was extremely pleased and satisfied with the doctors and technicians.  They were very gentle with the handling of the turtle; so soft that the turtle felt so relaxed and not frightened at all.  They asked a lot of living environment questions and gave us recommendations to improve the quality of life, pamphlets and diet samples.  They were very patient with the turtle, showing us how to feed the medication.  Extremely tentative because we bombarded them with phone calls when we had trouble feeding turtle with medicine using the syringe.  The technician slowly guided us over the phone.

This year, 2014, she has a weakened leg and ‘constipated’.  The vet took x-rays and blood tests to determine the problem.



Once again, I am impressed with the flow of the clinic and the attitude they had for the animals, making the owners at ease.  GREAT WORK!


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