Address: 401 Bay St. Toronto, ON

Phone: (416) 861-6996


Bannock is another restaurant under the Oliver & Bonacini Corporation located at one of the busiest intersection of Downtown Toronto.  Conveniently and intelligently positioned on public transportation routes, near Eaton Centre, Hudson’s Bay Company and Nathan Phillips Square – Toronto City Hall, the restaurant will not have a lack of tourists nor blue-collared shirts.  Bannock takes on a different edge, where they focus more on grab & go options and comfort food dine-in menu.


Credits: What to do Toronto

The open concept is complimented with a modern contemporary touch, resulting in a comfortable, soothing atmosphere.  Utilizing the earthly natural wooden panels glued on the walls and on chairs, while keeping the colour tones neutral as beige and white, resulted in a warm and comfortable restaurant environment. The large windows surrounding the restaurant area and the expansive openness makes the overall effect very welcoming and organized.


Credits: What to do Toronto

We went on a Sunday morning to try their brunch menu for birthday celebration. At the entrance, a large glass showcase of readily made gourmet sandwiches, pastries and salads were prepared for the on-the-run crew. Looked healthy! Mouth watering!  Service was great – responsive, tentative, and warm.  Our server was giving us recommendations and day specials, while we were deciding on what to order.


Free Run Turkey Burger ($16) was prepared with condiments of tempura onion, avocado and a dill pickle mayo sauce. It came with a few vegetable chips on the side.  The chips were thickly cut and quite hard, requires strong teeth to tear it apart.  However, it was not oily at all and seasoned with adequate amount of salt.  I quite liked it for a different texture and has a sweet taste to it, while absorbing the fiber and nutrients.  No surprise from the burger.  The turkey patty was tasty and juicy, while the sauce was not very distinct.  It was quite a generic burger, despite having the jazzy ingredients.  Overall, quite a healthy choice, was not heavy in general.


Roast Duck Poutine Pizza ($16) was made curds, fries, duck, and accompanied by the recommended nasty sauce on the side.  The nasty sauce was an attractive sour and very spicy sauce.  The first sample of the sauce was bearable, but the more you try it, the more if feels like your tongue had gone on fire.  The pizza was a successful combination of two comfort foods.  With a thin crust and a lot of toppings, the pizza was baked just about right to be crunchy and crispy.  The juices all retained to make the pizza extremely flavourful and fun to eat.  Not too complicated or overwhelmed by the burst of toppings~

Huge potion sizes, we could barely finish it.  For an early Sunday brunch, I enjoyed the lightness of the meal, and little oil.  The environment was just great and relaxing, with quite a bit of privacy to feel comfortable.   The creativity behind the culinary staff and philosophy behind the restaurant has made Bannock an exquisite restaurant.


Food 3.5/5

Service 4/5

Ambiance 4/5


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