Unionville Main St.

Unionville Main Street

Website: http://www.unionvilleinfo.com

800px-Unionville_SignTucked into the northeast corner of the Greater Toronto Area, in the heart of City of Markham, is the well known heritage village of Unionville, a great place to enjoy with family and friends.  Unionville was founded in 1794 and a lot of the original European or Victorian architecture were maintained till this day.  There will always be festivals and shops to venture, served as a local tourism development plan.


On a Monday evening, we decided to just take a post dinner walk along Main Street for some exercise.  Many locals share the same interest as us, especially during the summer time, to enjoy the weather and some dessert.  Families pushing the baby stroller, elders sitting at the patio, young children laughing, crying and pleading for ice cream or dessert, couples holding hands and on dates were among the activities seen and heard.

This intimate neighborhood has many festivals and celebration throughout the year- fireworks on July 1st Canada’s Day, Jazz Festival performances on the stage at the park, food festivals from the renowned restaurants, skating during the winter and many more.  The council has the idea and creativity to bring everyone from around together.

Strolling along the streets of historic Unionville made me feel like I was at the Shire, from Lord of the Rings or Hobbit – the greens, brick architecture, moss, stone paved sidewalks, intimate peaceful space, rustic countryside appearance.  Hidden within Markham, Unionville is like a subdivision of its own, with its own style and uniqueness.

A must go place for me


Old Firehall Confectionery

Website: www.oldfirehallconfectionery.com/index.php

They sell ice cream, handmade chocolate and assorted candy.  This is a heaven to me, or someone who has sweet craving.  I felt like a 3 year old, my eyes shining like stars, admiring and inhaling the world of candy and sweets!  I’m not the only one, there were many others who were waiting in the long line up ordering and paying.  Happiness and satisfied!


The back wall was lined with candy dispensers.  I was ecstatic when I saw the cherry coke bottle and sour coke bottle gummy candy because they are a rare find.  The place I used to buy my candy from closed down couple of years ago and I could no longer find it, even in Bulk Barn.  The opportunity and chance has come, too hard to resist!

Look at the container of candies I bought! =D $5.99 for a variety, as much as you want, given you can put the lid the lid on.  Look at the busy line!  Cute place, eh?!



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