Joey’s Restaurant @ Markville Mall

Joey’s Restaurant

Address: #1247 – 5000 Hwy 7 East, Markham, ON, L3R 4M9

Phone: (905) 604 – 5639


Screen-shot-2013-04-26-at-9.09.27-PMJoey’s is a Canadian chain restaurant that is conveniently located next to Cadillac Fairview managed malls, ie. Markville Mall, Eaton Centre, Yorkdale Mall, Shop on Don Mills.  Situated next to the large malls in Toronto has the best advertisement and attraction, as it is easy to find and has the best exposure.

Joeys-008The one I visited was at Markville Mall, Markham.  Restaurant is easily seen and accessed from Hwy 7.  All Joey Restaurants share the same menu with deviation in the culinary skill and style.  And, the restaurant interior theme and mood is similar to the other Joey’s.


Entrance, waiting area Credit: AMDI Inc.


Bar, Dining Area Credit: AMDI Inc.

Wood, brick and metal are the biggest elements of the restaurant.  With the patio doors and windows open, allowing the breeze circulate through the restaurant, this space is transformed into an upbeat, modern cottage-like environment.  During the winter season, these wall-like windows and elements act as an insulator, keeping the space warm and cozy.  Joeys welcomes everyone to relax and enjoy after work drinks or weekend gatherings.  Service was fast and everyone was on top of things.  Our server was stirring a small conversation with us and so optimistic.  She gave us good reassurance and reviews about the drinks we ordered.  Felt very hopeful~


On the right, Blueberry Mojito ($10) 2oz was mixed with pearl blueberry vodka, blueberries, fresh lime juice and mint leaves.  The mint adds a hint of freshness and chill to the drink.  Blueberries were fun to dig for, felt like tapioca.  However, 3/4 of the drink was filled with ice.  As the ice melts, the drink becomes watered down alcohol or a cup of water in general.  At some point, the price did not justify the quality of the drink.

On the left, Passionfruit Margarita ($7.50) 1.25oz was made with passionfruit, mango, El Jimador tequila, fresh squeezed lime and egg whites.  The initial sip, all I could taste was the tequila, and further down the bottom of the cup was the fruity flavour.  Therefore, it was not mixed well enough.  Stir it, for a true taste.  Overall, I find this drink more enjoyable than Blueberry Mojito because less ice and felt more like a cocktail, very fruity.


Steak & Sushi ($24.75) was a Japanese surf & turf, tataki style of CAB Prime steak, Ponzu sauce, and rainbow roll.  This dish felt like, “when the west meets the east”.  This entree was not how I envisioned it to be.  I thought of a piece of steak instead of strips of steak.  Nonetheless, it was cooked medium rare, soft tender slices and juicy; fresh steak.  The sushi was bland, despite the sauces smothered on the roll.  Even with the soy sauce and wasabi, the sushi was still tasteless.  The rice was soft and they only used “crab stick salad” as the middle filling.  Therefore, the sushi was relatively disappointing and quality was similar to the supermarket sushi products.


Baja Fish Tacos ($14.50) had basa, shrimp, corn tortillas, and guacamole filling; fresh lime slice where you can squeeze juices onto the taco.  The entree came with 3 tacos, which were seasoned lightly and crunchy with the fresh tomatoes and lettuce bits.  Each of the tacos had 3 pieces of fish.  The fried fish was very tender and light.  My only complaint was the fried skin was cold and soft instead of crispy.  As to the shrimp, it was nowhere to be found.  The red sauce was very spicy, fury hot.  Do not use the sauce if you are sensitive to spiciness.  Even so, the tacos were much more enjoyable, as it had an exciting spectrum of flavours.


Fries ($4) on the side or as our appetizer.  It was interesting how the fries came the same time as our two entrees, but we went for the fries before anything else.  It was way too addictive; thinly sliced, crunchy, crispy, lightly salted fries.

Joeys Restaurant is a go-to place, if you are planning to have a casual gathering or a happy hour drinks night.  Joeys is different from the other chain restaurants. ie. Keg, Milestones, Swiss Chalet, which are aiming to be family restaurants.  They aim for the group, who are working hard, trying to reach their goals but not forgetting about their quality of life.  Maybe it opened less than a year ago, the chefs and assistance are trying to improve their culinary skills and taste.  There is a lot of room for improvement.  I am hopeful! =)


Food 3.25/5

Ambiance 4/5

Service 4/5

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2 thoughts on “Joey’s Restaurant @ Markville Mall

  1. Bill

    You did not mention but Joey at Don Valley is a favourite because of the food AND the beautiful attractive women. Is it the same at Markham or less cool? I ask because Markham is closer to us but sometimes chains try less hard for the suburbs? Good blog keep it up

    1. simplepointz Post author

      Shop on Don Mills Joey is the first one I tried. I ordered a salmon that time, came with crispy mashed potatoes. I liked the creativity with the sides. Flavour was good too. I dont hv picture so cant post it~

      I find the level of service-from the girls, work attire, and ethics really similar to Markville. the menu is the same too. Should taste more or less the same. I just cannot be 100% sure because I tried different items at the 2 locations.

      Overall, Markville lives up to Don Mills.

      And thanks for the feedback~ 🙂


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