Green Lemon Grass

Green Lemon Grass

Address: 9425 Leslie Street. Unit 8.  Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3N7

Phone: (905) 508-5328

Green Lemon Grass is located in Richlane Mall, where they have served the Richmond Hill neighbourhood for over a decade.  This restaurant is like a busy bee, tables always full, continuous short lineups and fast service.  In other words, table turnover rates, on average, are high.  I would not say they have the best service ever, but it is good enough for the speed they go at and polite enough in my terms.


This restaurant that has a lot of Asian character to it.  Open windows mimic street vendors from Asia.  Try imagine sitting on the open bustling streets having a meal.  It is quite a cute and clever open concept, their clientele can observe the activities within or can lure potential clientele to eat there.  The menu is based on comfort foods of noodles, curry, roti, rice and soups.  Do not expect fine dining here.  They built their reputation for fast convenient meals (fast food like), which is represented by the street vendor decor.  Everyone come and go~


BBQ Chicken & Spring Roll Vermicelli ($7.75) was a mixture of grilled chicken, fried spring rolls, topped with peanuts, carrots, cucumbers, shredded lettuce and mixed with fish sauce.  Served dry and warm, it was quite appetizing with the tangy fish sauce.  The chicken was over-grilled and very dry; rubber-like texture.  The spring roll was also over- fried, where parts of the wrapper was burnt; however, was crunchy.  But burnt food can cause cancer.


Small Rare Beef Noodle Soup ($6.75) has bean sprouts, slices of  beef and garnished with green onion and a sprig of mint leaves.  The beef was thinly sliced and lightly cooked; therefore, the texture was well maintained and easily absorbed the soup base.  It had a very standard pho soup base, therefore tasted consistent with my perception of pho.

I found both noodles were extremely salty and had too much MSG to it.  Water was being chugged down the throats for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  For the speedy service, convenience of meals, on a tight schedule, does not hurt to go.  But if you are looking for an enjoyable, savory meal, then this restaurant is not what you are looking for.


Food 2.75/5

Service 3.5/5

Ambiance 3/5

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