Old Country Inn Restaurant

Old Country Inn Restaurant

Address: 198 Main Street.  Unionville, ON  L3R 2G9

Phone: (905) 477-2715

Website: http://www.oldcountryinn.ca/


Old Country Inn Restaurant is located towards the end of the touristy strip of historic Unionville.  The restaurant is run by family, serving authentic Austrian and German cuisine.


The Old Country Inn is a century year old house built in 1872 by Dr. Eckardt, who was the grandson of the original settlers of Unionville.  It was known as the Doctor’s House, having been home and office to a succession of medical practitioners.  The Victorian style house is a bit dated and cute.  It matches the German or Austrian background of the owner and menu.  I thought the design was quite homey and warm.

The interior decor is extremely dated.   It looks like my living room, except more boring and dull.  I think we were sitting in the greenhouse because there were windows and plants everywhere.  I do enjoy staring at the colour green, as it does relax the ocular muscles.  The owners have maintained a lot of the historical elements and atmosphere of the house, especially in the other rooms.


Due to personal preference, the patio was not chosen.  The owner gave us a table in the dining room, with openable doors to make us feel like we were sitting outside.  It was bright and lovely to sit there, made me feel energetic or a form of radiance.  Looks romantic, eh?!  Since it was our first time visiting, and the menu had an extensive selection or goodies that I would like to try, our server recommended the house platter because it had a bit of everything for us.


Ordered the Hausplatte, House Platter, for 2 ($41.95) which includes schnitzel, kassler, würste, bratkartoffeln and sauerkraut.  Sequentially translate into schnitzel, pork loin, sausage, home fries and sauerkraut.  Everything came in doubles, generous portions.  Our eyes just bulged when the platter came because was this really meant to feed 2?  wpid-20140721_203732.jpg

There were two types of sausages – Krainer Wurste (smoked sausage) and Bratwurst (fried sausage).  There were 2 of each type.  The smoked sausage was quite dry. Despite being able to taste the heavy pork, there was not much substance to the flavour; was heavy on salt. Meanwhile, the fried sausage was surprisingly juicy. The sausage burst in flavours when I took a bite.  There were other spices mixed into the meat, making the sausage more interesting.

The schnitzel is a breaded cutlet, hammered thinly to give such appearance. The crust was crispy and crunchy; was very easy to cut through. Overall, this is a standard schnitzel, taste is consistent to the others that I have tried.  Baked to perfection because the cutlet has maintained its natural flavour.

Pork loin were thick slices of ham-like appearance. The pork loins were put in a brine, a solution of salt.  The juices, natural flavour and original texture were well maintained.  The texture of the pork loins were soft and moist, very easy to separate from the bone.  If I had a bun, I will definitely treat the pork loin like a sandwich and coat it with a layer of mustard.

Sauerkraut is a pickled cabbage. I particularly liked this side dish because the sourness or vinegar flavour was well absorbed by the thin strips of cabbage. It opened up my appetite and caused my stomach to create more gastric fluids for easier faster digestion.

The home fries were really potato wedges and not crispy. Because it was laying under the mains and neighbourded by the sauerkraut, the potatoes absorbed the water content, leading to the soggy texture and mashed potatoes like appearance.

We could not even finish half of the meal and took everything away, stored in two containers.  We are hearty eaters but this was just way too much for us to handle.  In fact, the leftovers took me another 3 days to go through.

In conclusion, the platter was authentic but quite standard, no surprise there.  It felt like another everyday family meal.  One thing that bothered me a lot was the server busily hustling around, cleaning, tidying, organizing tables and putting things away way before the closing time.  It was unappetizing to look at and made me feel unwelcome and wanted us to leave.


Food 3.5/5

Service 3/5

Ambiance 3/5

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