Mi Ne Sushi

MiNe Sushi

Address: 10815 Yonge St. Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3E3

Phone: (905) 883-6616

Website: www.minesushi.ca

It was one of those days where no one at work wanted to eat their home packed lunch.  Boss tempted me with the idea of having sushi, and it has been 3 months I have had it.  How can I turn down the offer.

Mi Ne Sushi  is located in a plaza at the busy Elgin Mills and Yonge St intersection. Surrounded by industrial and residential communities, they have a steady and fast growing clientele.  Parking is limited in the plaza, but I noticed the business the restaurant generated.  They were extremely busy and had a fast turn over rate.

It has a typical sushi or Japanese restaurant decor made of wood panels and a sushi making bar.  No surprises and funkiness to the outlook.  It is more realistic than being creative.

The ladies and sushi chefs were extremely helpful and nice. I was studying the menu , trying to make a decision on what to order.  A server came to introduce the combo lunch menu which has a mixture of different rolls for a better price.  She also gave me a cup of tea while the chefs were preparing the lunch.  Very polite.  Smiles and thank you gestures were in the air.  Grateful~


Miso Soup and Green Salad came with the lunch combo set.


Maki Set D ($11.95) came with 3 pieces of California Roll and 8 pieces of Dynamite Roll.  California roll is made of avocado, crab meat, tobiko and cucumber.  Dynamite roll is made of shrimp tempura, avocado, tobiko and cucumber.  Tobiko is fish roe.  Standard textures and tastes.  Ingredients were fresh and crunchy.  The tempura was not that crispy, mainly because it took us another 30 minutes after receiving the food to officially start eating.


To the left Spicy Scallop Maki Roll ($6.95) and on the right Avocado Maki Roll ($4.95).  The ingredients used are quite self explanatory.  I enjoyed the soft and melt-in-the-mouth avocado roll.  The roll was really fresh and sweet.  Tangy spicy scallop roll was enjoyable.  I find the sauce stronger and more flavourful or distinct than other sushi restaurants.  The spiciness really exists!  However, I do not think I will order spicy scallop roll again.  Scallops were diced, which I thought was a waste of the scallops; they felt nonexistent.

Watching the sushi chefs make the rolls instantly guarantees the freshness of the sushi.  I was definitely not disappointed.  I really enjoyed the sushi lunch on a work day.  It was so rewarding that physically, it gave me energy to continue working.  The sushi, psychologically, brightened up my day!  The flavours were standard, no surprises there.  However, they serve generous roll portions.  They were big!  Eating these rolls will make you look like a goldfish, bloated cheeks and continuously chewing.  Sometimes, 2 bites recommended.  I admire the amount of rice used to make the maki rolls.  A very thin layer of rice and seaweed (1/10th of the roll) wraps the large filling portions.  With these proportions, successful crunchy and chewy maki rolls were produced.  Low sodium and MSG levels, since I was not thirsty nor had a sore throat after the meal.

For some economical fresh tasty sushi, I recommend Mi Ne Sushi!


Food 4/5

Service 3.75/5

Ambiance – cannot rate since I ordered take out

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