Old Time Confections

Old Time Confections @ Upper Canada Mall

Address: 17600 Yonge St, Unit 225. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4Z1

Phone: 905-898-8976

Website: http://www.oldtimeconfections.com/

Never envisioned to have such a huge candy or junk food shop in a popular shopping mall.


I felt like Hansel and Gretel, walking into a candy house.  Sweets galore!  Large colourful wrappers and drinks on display shows everyone what products are carried.  The display is so attractive and cute that I just have to go in and browse.

wpid-20140824_161347.jpgSimplistic interior decor – very standard and straightforward.  This is quite a low budget decor because they only need to change the flooring and paint the walls, install wall paper.   Products were organized by type, brand and manufacturers.  Good layout and spacing between each display is provided.



The store carries some of the quirkiest things ever, from chocolate bars to candy to drinks.  Their products are rarely found in regular grocery stores and department stores.  A niche market~wpid-20140824_161430.jpg A full shelf of skittles and starbursts, one of my favourite candy.  I used to have a bag everyday when I was in school.  My favourite were the sour skittles, then berry and lastly the original.

wpid-20140824_161536.jpg Brands of drinks I have never ever heard of.  Who wants to try?

wpid-20140824_161556.jpgDifferent Coca Cola – Vanilla and Cherry flavour!  For some reason, I like the soft gummy candy version of these flavours more than the drink.  I can eat nonstop candy, but cannot finish one can of coke.  Maybe the company should make candy under their brand?

Other things I have seen in the store were Salt Water Taffys, 1 pound Reese Peanut Butter Cups, 1 Kilogram Gummy Bears, a life sized gummy python candy, Willy Wonka products, cereal and cookies!

There was such a long line up at the cashier, which makes me believe there is a market for any age group.  They may collect the products, interested in something different, or like to walk down the memory lane.

If you are in the area, explore the store.  Treat it like a museum, to recognize the different brands and products.  See what intrigues you.  Maybe you will end up at the cashier, unknowningly paying for a handful of food. ^____^”


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