Congee Wong @ North York

Congee Wong @ North York (天皇名粥)

Address: 10 Ravel Rd.  North York, ON M2H 1S8

Phone: (416) 493 – 8222


After 2 hours of lining up at Fairview Mall’s “Share-a-Coke” kiosk on Saturday, my friends and I were famished.  We chose Congee Wong at Finch Avenue and Leslie Street because it was located midway to all our homes and close to main highways, easy for us to leave and access other amenities.

Congee Wong is a franchise in York Region, famous for its congee while serving typical Cantonese stapled foods.  Congee Wong at North York receives its business from Seneca College students, work force and surrounding neighbourhoods.  This is probably the busiest Congee Wong of all franchise.  Lineups always happen.

All servers had quick swift movements and great teamwork skills.  One will be clearing the tables of dirty dishes, a second wiping and a third setting up the table.  Everything done ensures a fast turnover rate, to please their waiting clientele.  Despite the busyness, everyone kept their composure.

All Congee Wong has the exact same style of layout and colours, probably a copyright of theirs.  It is comfortable looking, has good flow and space is optimized as best it could.  They were never meant to be a fancy fine dining restaurant.  The layout and atmosphere resembles the bubble tea shops for family and friends to gather, except Congee Wong is the dinner version of it.

imageSpicy & Pepper Salt Pork Chop 椒鹽豬扒 ($8.75) was cut into smaller pieces than one full piece of pork chop.  With smaller pieces, the meat was easier to cook and had even amount of the spice comprised of salt, sweet peppers and chili.  The subtle spiciness was exquisite.  Meat texture was soft and easy on the teeth.

image Beef & Veggie Rice Noodle 時菜牛河 ($8.25) leaned towards the dry end of the spectrum.  But there was enough sauce to moisturize the noodles and give it flavour.  Not overdone~  A lot of vegetables, as opposed to other places giving two stalks.  Beef was soft and thin.

imageYeung Chow Fried Rice 杨洲炒飯 ($8.50) had a dry texture.  Not much oil was used.  Each piece of rice was coated with egg.  The scallions and cha siu pork enhanced the flavours of the rice.  This is an example of fried rice success.

image Beef Mushroom Hot Plate 京都肉扒 (11.95) was sizzling hot when served.  The fumes and aroma evaporating into the air made our mouths water.  Scallions and Onions were used for flavour enrichment.

image Vegetables with Mixed Mushroom 碧綠扒三菇 ($9.25) was very appetizing.  The vegetables were very fresh and not much starchy sauce was used.  It was a good balance to all the protein and carbohydrates we ordered.

This was a very savory meal.  For a party of 6, we ordered 5 dishes.  Every time we go out for Chinese cuisine, we finish everything on the table.  Likewise, we think how we can handle all the food.  However, food portions were HUGE.  We kept stuffing ourselves nonstop.  When we stopped eating, the table looks untouched.  Leftovers to take home~

Verdict: Fast meal, big portions, good price and tastes awesome

Also, if my parents drive 30 minutes from home to eat at Congee Wong @ North York, this really is how good the food is.  It is a restaurant that we specially make a trip for.


Food 4/5

Service 3.5/5

Ambiance 2.75/5

Congee Wong on Urbanspoon


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