Golden Jade Restaurant

Golden Jade Restaurant 金翠園餐廳

Address: 633 Silver Star Blvd. Unit 110.  Scarborough, ON M1V 5N1

Phone: (416) 321-3326

Was grocery shopping in Scarborough with the family and daddy proposed to eat out.  We remembered watching an advertisement on Fairchild TV channel about a restaurant’s signature dishes and how it was a must try.  Here we arrived at Silver Star Blvd’s strip plaza to locate our restaurant.  The 3 of us had to put our minds together to know which one it was.  I remembered the dishes, dad remembered the street and mom remembered the name.  Great team right?

The restaurant is located across from Pacific Mall and Market Village, behind Splendid Plaza, next to No Frills.  Scarborough is known for its variety of Asian food.  A lot of competition in the area, as there are at least 20 other restaurants or cafes next to it.  This restaurant has to stand out and shine in order to stay in business.

Interior has a modern design, with hanging Ikea lights and sleek materials.  The black and silver colours are contrasting but it looks dark and dim, giving a cool appearance.  Materials used were slate and corion – cold upon the touch.  The air condition was strong and cold air seem to be emitting off surfaces.

Service needs to be improved on.

1) My mother does not like drinking tea at night because of sleeping issues.  Hot water was requested at least 3 times before it finally came.  A lot of Chinese restaurants provides a teapot of hot water, but they only offer a cup.

2) We like to study the menu since it is our first time trying the restaurant.  We want to see what is offered and take our time.  However, the owner came over and started talking to us like he had known us for life and constantly gave recommendations on what to order or pair dishes for us to eat.  He kept on rejecting the selection we made saying how we could not taste the essence or the spirit of the food and the routine starts all over again.  It was just too overwhelming because as consumer, we want to freely order what we want to eat and not be pushed around.  Also, we thought maybe he just want to rid his readily prepared foods hence hard selling us.  From our observation, the owner was behaving the exact same to ALL tables.  It was quite annoying.  He should know where the line is.  Trying too hard can sometimes bring bad results.

In the end, we did not care about what he said and went with our instincts and ordered what we felt was the best for us, which the owner “nodded in approval”.


Hand Pulled (half) Chicken Served on Jelly Fish ($15.99) was mediocre.  I believe not even half a chicken was used, as big slivers of skin and big chunks of bone were seen than real meat.  Only a handful of jellyfish was on the plate.  In fact, jellyfish skin was used (cheaper at the grocery stores or food provider) than the thick core.  The jellyfish skin has a darker appearance, more wrinkly and has a “dark boarder”.  Sesame oil was the main marinate.  Too much of it was used, made the appetizer too oily and covered in sesame flavour, losing the natural chicken texture and taste.  The price of this dish does not justify its size and taste; not worth it.


Curry Brisket on Rice ($9.95) arrived looking watery, resembling a soup.  The strong curry flavour was definitely there but the ingredients did not compliment the flavour.  Potatoes were cut a bit small and had a wrinkly texture, like aged potatoes.  Hence, I question the freshness and quality of the potatoes.  Beef brisket was barely found, meat resembled stewing beef.  As brisket, I could not see the tendon lining.  A lot of fat goblets were floating around in the sauce, which was quite unappetizing and inconsiderate.  The ingredients were disappointing.

imageMinced Pork in Gui Lin Style Vermicelli Soup ($8.95) had an appealing appearance and I thought was the best of 3 items ordered.  It was colourful with the tomatoes, green onions, parsley, pickled cabbage, minced pork and mushrooms.  But it was too oily for my liking and the fresh taste of the ingredients was taken over by the strong soup base.  The overall taste was good, tasted like any typical soup noodle.  I think any type of noodles will go well with the ingredients and soup base.  Gui Lin style is really a gimmick and marketing tactic.  Therefore, the Gui Lin vermicelli did not shine as advertised.

The meal was mediocre.  MSG was heavily relied on for enhancing the flavours.  Overall, there is a lot of room for improvement.  Learning from this experience, I probably will not take TV advertisements that seriously anymore.


Food 2.75/5

Service 2.5/5

Ambiance 3/5

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