Symposium Cafe

Symposium Cafe @ Richmond Hill

Address: 13237 Yonge Street #B1, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 1B6

Phone: (905) 773-1118


I have only tried their dessert and dinner entrees when I was in university, but one day it closed down and I never heard of it again until recently.  Symposium Cafe has developed into a franchise restaurant, and this particular one opened recently in Oak Ridges, now is a subdivision of Richmond Hill.

The restaurant had a cool, quiet, spacious and airy atmosphere.  Its walls had a lot of famous European artwork, which looked dated to the eye.  Stone tiles were plastered on the floor and the walls, which made it very heat absorbent and cold.  Colours were very muted, so gray.

When my friend and I walked through the entrance, the girl was in another world or something and few seconds later she was like “OH~ Hi!”, a sign of absentmindedness. Our table was not well cleaned, bread crumbs were observed.  We asked for extra cleaning.  The girl seem reluctant.  She asked us if the table was cleaned to our liking, which I thought was funny.  “Should you not tell me?”  Be confident~ What if we said no, then she will be cleaning all over again.  Our server was friendly and smiled a lot.  He was easy to talk to.

imageMy friend ordered Eggs Benjamin ($12.45) – A toasted english muffin served with smoked salmon, poached eggs, red onions and crowned with hollandaise sauce.  Served with breakfast potatoes.

imageI moved the camera, not realizing the picture was distorted and not taken.  I apologize~  But this is French Toast with White chocolate cinnamon ($12.55), a corner was seen.  Fresh cinnamon honey batter dipped egg bread was served with white chocolate cinnamon sauce and fruit salad on the side.  They also served ham or bacon on the side.  The french toast was disappointing.  It was burnt, soggy and moist.  It was like soaked in water kind of texture.    Overall, the toast lacked the crispiness I hoped for.  White chocolate cinnamon was savory, a good ingredient combination.  Other than the cinnamon sauce, they give you maple syrup on the side.  But because of the sad french toast, I did not enjoy the brunch much.

image A picture of the fruit salad my french toast came with.  The fruits were fresh cut and sweet.  It was not the canned fruits you get from supermarket, where the fruits are submerged in sugar juice.

Verdict :  if you ever go for bunch, do not try their french toasts.


Food 2.5/5

Service 3/5

Ambiance 3/5

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