Golden Harvest Northern Chinese Restaurant 五毂集粮

Golden Harvest Northern Chinese Restaurant

Address: 328 Highway 7 East, Unit 18. Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P7

Phone: (289) 597-0099

Family and I spent a day travelling between all Sears across the GTA hunting down curtains.  Everyone may know, majority of the Sears are closing down in GTA, therefore, a lot of their products are on sale or clearance.  Whatever they have in the store is what is left.  We were trying to find matching curtains and it was the toughest job ever!  Buying and returning just kept recurring because we were buying backup curtains too. Our mission wad to find the missing half to the one curtain pattern we liked most.  After 5 trips, we finally and successfully conclude, we found a set!  And what does that have to do with eating out?  By the time we found it at Scarborough Town Centre and drove back to York Region, it was 8:00 pm.  This means, it was dinner time~

We kept it local.  We could not think of the best place to eat because my parents were never interested in eating outside.  Main criterias: edible but wants the best, cheap and good portions.  I just wanted dumplings, so we came up with Northern Chinese Food at Chalmers Plaza, which we have never tried before but pass by it a lot because our doctors are located at the medical building next to the restaurant.

imageMixed Vegetables with Glass Noodles 五彩拉皮 ($6.95) was “cold” looking.  I liked how they kept the sauce on the side, so we can mix it to however we like.  The sauce was comprised of black vinegar, soy sauce and peanut sauce, somewhat more sour than sweet.  However, I find the flavours appetizing.  The salad was fresh and crunchy, resembled cold noodles a lot.

imageChili Beef Noodle 辣牛肉拉面 ($6.95) was one of their chef’s recommendation.  The soup base was not salty and had a subtle spicy kick to it.  The noodles were hand “pulled” fresh in the kitchen.  Soft and al dente texture, where the noodles readily absorbs the flavours from the broth.

imageSmoked Meat Pancake 熏肉大饼 ($5.95) is not something we would order normally.  But my father insisted, and said this is authentic northern China food.  The pancake was sizzling hot when it arrived and had a crispy, crunchy texture.  It had similar flavours to Peking Duck, except duck is substituted with beef.  Beef was thinly sliced and soft.

imageChives Pork Dumpling 韭菜豬肉蒸餃 ($5.95) was the highlight of the meal.  Dumpling was the main reason why we decided to eat here.  I was so dumpling deprived before this.  I think it has been 3 months?!  I watched the lady prepare the dumplings, from the wrap to the filling.  Very fresh and hot and had a strong chive flavour.  Chives and pork always went well together.  This is a flavour we always made at home too.  SO, I thought these dumplings were amazing, very sweet and authentic.

We just came back from our trip to Central China, which is considered a bit “north”.  It was dry, hot and lacked precipitation.  Due to the weather and atmosphere, the locals grew wheat and barley for a basic living.  We spent days eating noodles and dumplings.  Therefore, I am very glad to find a restaurant in Canada that resembles as much as possible to the meals we had on our trip.


Food 3.75/5

Ambiance 3.5/5

Service 3.25/5

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