Do Us a Flavour~

I have noticed a stand of Lays Do Us a Flavour at different grocery stores –  No Frills, Longos, Food Basics, Fresh & Co etc.  Do Us a Flavour has been available for at least 2 years online, where everyone is given a chance to create a flavour of their own and explain why it was created.  The company choose the finalists, which were the best and most creative out of the entries.  Now, it is up to the general public to vote for the best flavour out of the 4.  There are 4 flavours – Tzatsiki, Cinnamon Bun, Jalepeno Mac n Cheese and Bacon Poutine.

Tzatziki seems to be the only flavour that interests me.  Tzatziki is a Greek sauce using plain yogurt, dill and cucumbers as the main ingredients.

wpid-20140912_191313.jpgChips were kettle cooked, giving a crunchier and tougher texture.  The format it was made led to the chips overall feeling less oily.  The spices takes the form of sour cream and onion, tiny green flakes on the individual pieces of chips.  The chips were true to taste, very tzazitki.  The chips were loaded with cucumbers and dill, not so much the yogurt but it felt real.  It was interesting!

I liked the flavour, minus the crunchiness.  However, this is not a flavour that I love.  The more I ate, the less exciting I got and felt overwhelmed by the strong flavour.

These chips are available across Canada.  Try them out for something different.  However, tzatziki might be the only bag I will buy because I never liked cinnamon buns nor mac and cheese.  But I never know.  Maybe one day, I hear a voice in my head telling me to buy a bag of Do us a Flavours.




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