Sorrento Ristorante @ Maple

Sorrento Ristorante

Address: 965 Major Mackenzie Drive. Maple, ON L6A 4P8

Phone: (289) 553-2132


I came to Sorrento under recommendation from my boss.  He came across the restaurant as he was making reservations for his Italy trip.  The owner, Nino, also has a restaurant at Sorrento, Italy, a town along the Amalfi Coast.  The restaurant, 7 hours, by flight, away from Toronto is ran by his brother.  These restaurants are a family gem, to allow everyone experience a taste of true Southern Italian cuisine.

The closest I can get to Italy (at the moment) is Sorrento Ristarante in Maple, a subdivision of Vaughan.  This new subdivision has flourished in the last 7-ish years.  I watched it build!  The plaza is only 3 years old, quite new.


Ornately decorated tables and pictures of the Amalfi Coast were hung along the walls. The colours seen in the restaurant are some common ones found in your home.  It was really comfortable sitting in the restaurant.  Felt at ease, listening to the Italian music and sipping a glass of Italian water. The owners pride themselves for being Italian and for offering top notch quality.

Service can be improved because our serve was really cool and had a “poker face” all evening.  But I managed to make him smile in the end.  I guess he just needs to warm up to you.  I did not feel the Italian passion or attitude or hospitality in general.  But I am more of a foodie person than service.  Therefore, as long as they have the basics and generals nailed, then I am content with it.

The food was amazing, authentic and all homemade.  Water was also Italian imported.  Spring water most likely sourced from Northern Italy, bordering the Swiss Alps.

imageFrittura di Calamari ($13) — Fried calamari with fresh lemon and tartar sauce.  The calamari was crispy and not oily.  I am always scared of the rubber overcooked calamari texture.  But, this calamari appetizer tasted fresh and had a soft texture.  Generous portion provided.  We were full from eating it.  I could not finish my main course.

imageScialatielli del Pescatore ($25) — Home made pasta with clams, mussels, calamari and shrimps, “vesuvio” cherry tomato sauce.  The seafood pasta was fresh and full of seafood or ocean like flavours. The pasta was homemade with a press, therefore appeared thicker than the store bought ones.  The pasta was a little harder than al dente but I was satisfied.  I tend to like pasta or noodles hard because it gives room for sauce absorption to make it softer.

imageRavioli di astice con salsa cremosa ai Gamberi ($22) — Homemade lobster ravioli – tomato cream sauce, shrimp and green peas.  The sauce was very rich and creamy.  It was paired perfectly with the cheesy lobster ravioli.  It was hearty.  And i was amazed how the the ravioli filling had real lobster meat.

I definitely enjoyed the meal.  I can rightfully say, this is one of the best Italian fine dining restaurants in York Region.  It was not the cheapest meal ever but similarly priced as O&B.  The food quality is definitely as good or even better than O&B.


Food 4/5

Service 2.75/5

Ambiance 3.5/5

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