I am not sure why I ate at Ikea~


One word: typical cafeteria food that you can find in the food court or at school or at a camp.  In fact, I think the food at food court may taste better.

It was my first time eating these Swedish meatballs ($5.75) because I was curious what the difference it had between the different cultural cuisines.  It was dry, tasteless, and just weird.  Cranberry sauce did not go well with the meatballs either.  This could just possibly be the fast food version of Swedish meatballs, I hope.  Maybe I should go to Sweden to try the authentic cuisine.  Why are flight tickets so expensive?  Why am I out of vacation days?

wpid-20141011_151346.jpgMango, Coconut Spiced crusted Tilapia ($9.75) was acceptable.  The rice was so dry and hard, similar to one-minute rice.  Vegetables lacked moisture and anyone could tell it was frozen vegetables, the staleness could be tasted.  The mango spice sauce was strong, but lacked the coconut.  Though, I liked the crispiness of the fillet, very crunchy.

I should not have expectations for the food at Ikea.  However, every time I go, there are many people at the cafeteria eating, and I questioned it.  For a fast meal, this is good enough.  But if you are looking for aromatic, mouthwatering meal, this is not the place to be at.



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