Chips Roulette With Dorritos~


Russian Roulette, hit and miss, chance, what are the odds?!  All these phrases and terms popped into my mind as soon as I saw the bag of Doritos.  As the bag says, “One in seven chips will be spicy.  Beware!”  Because math is not my forte, so I say at least 20% of the tacos are spicy, which really sparked my interest.  FUN!  Play with chance and probability for the unknown results.

Honestly, there were really no surprises to the bag of chips.  At least 85% of my chips were the regular nacho cheese flavour and the rest, small ones were the spicy chips.  It was not that spicy or hot, where you breath fire.  Quite mild.  The combination or mixture of the two flavours made the whole concept interesting and enjoyable.  This bag of chips reminded me a bit of jalepeno cheesy nachos at the pubs.

Nonetheless, very amusing and entertaining.  I will probably eat this with a group of friends, trying to prank them or play a dare game with them.  Quite merry!


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