Gonoe Sushi

Gonoe Sushi

Address: 5 Glen Cameron Rd.  Thornhill, ON L3T 5W2

Phone: (905) 597-0176

Website: http://www.gonoesushi.com/

When I was small, Glen Cameron Plaza was a place my family always went to for lunch and dinners every weekend because there was a Chinese cuisine restaurant there established for as long as I can remember.  Twenty years ago, there was limited selection on Asian restaurants and development in the city.  Twenty years later, the present, there is an influx of different Asian cuisine, showing the multicultural Canada and acceptance of different ethnic groups within the country.  At the same time, I also sense the perseverance of authentic foods, for acceptance and recognition.  What is the best way of understanding a culture?  Food, a form of visual and sensory education.

Getting back on track, Gonoe Sushi is located on Thornhill’s bustling Yonge Street, 15 minutes north of the well known Korean Town in North York.  The newly built World on Yonge condominium is the plaza’s new neighbour.  Being on bus route and in well developed neighbourhood, it is extremely easy to find and attracts diverse clientele.


On a Tuesday evening, the restaurant was a full-house, servers hardworking, bringing out dishes and dishes of scrumptious looking food.  The interior decor is quite standard and similar to other Japanese restaurants, with wooden framed booths and stone floors.

Service could be faster and prompt because I had to remind the servers a few times about seating and orders.  The girls seem to have their priorities wrong.  They rather get take out boxes to package unfinished food, get a pot of tea and clean a table when there were no line ups than taking my order that has been ready for at least 10 minutes or bring my bill.  They also kept clearing our plates of unfinished food, to a point we verbally notified them to not touch our plates and bowls unless they were told to.  In a way, I got a bit frustrated and annoyed with their service.

Gonoe Sushi restaurant is in reality owned by Koreans.  Therefore, they serve Korean stews and dishes, other than the typical Japanese rolls.  A special sashimi menu is available; all seafood is imported from Korea, with a selection of some flat fish, sea cucumber, sea squirt, abalone, squid and sea intestine.  I find it quite intriguing because I have never heard of these marine creatures except sea cucumber and abalone.  Everyone ordered something from this special menu than the book.  We wanted to be safe because we drove quite a distance to come here.   If you have a huge party, I suggest trying this special side menu because it looks really fresh, according to the neighbouring tables.

Other than the items we ordered, we get miso soup, cold noodles and side dishes of kimchi, spicy beans, baby bok choi and Korean style coleslaw on the house.wpid-20141028_203135.jpg

Wakame ($4.95) is a Japanese seaweed salad with miso dressing.  Seaweed salad is a standard appetizer and tastes like any salad from other Japanese restaurants.  Seaweed mixed with sesame oil and garnished with sesame seeds.  The portion size is quite large for the price and quite filling.


Small Sushi & Sashimi “Boat” ($44.95) comes with 12 pieces sushi, 20 pieces sashimi, and 6 pieces maki.  Obviously not served on a boat, but it was organized nicely with some artsy skills.  Everything was very fresh.  I liked how all the sashimi were thickly cut, fat and soft.  Not too much rice, making the rolls and sushi not that filling due to excessive carbohydrate.  The sushi and the roll were very intact and great bite sizes.  The variety of fish can be more diverse, but what was served were stapled fish selection.

I really recommend everyone to try this restaurant in Thornhill because the quality of food is fresh and delicious.


Food 4/5

Service 3/5

Ambiance 3.25/5

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