Cho Sun Ok

Address: 7353 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON L3T 2B3

Phone: (905) 707-8426



Credit: yoon solution

Located in Thornhill, north of World on Yonge is Cho Sun Ok, a family owned restaurant providing authentic Korean cuisine.  Closest intersection is Center St. and Yonge St.  This restaurant is in a little plaza, next to an Irish pub, quite peculiar I find but we are in Canada, the most multi-cultural country in the world.  Every corner is different and worth exploring.

The restaurant was so bright and busy, that at 7pm, there was already a line up of 8 tables. But even after we were seated, the line up was still on-going.  I do like how the line up is more organized and rudimentary. You have to get a ticket from the cashier counter as oppozed to the entrance. Not only does this save room, it also gives more seating place and waiting space.


The menu is simple and straightforward, a sheet of paper that works as table mat, recyclable and cheap.  I find it very effective because the moment we look down, it is readily available there.

imageBudae Jjigae Jeongol ($29.95)  is a sausage, ham, pork stew with an assortment of vegetables served in spicy beef based broth in a hot pot topped with ramen noodles and garnished with green onions. This stew serves in 2 portions.  It was quite filling and rewarding in my opinion.  We could barely finish it all.

Because the gas stove was turned onto high, the broth evaporated quite fast.  Water had to be poured in to keep the stew moist.  The heat also melted the fat in the meat.  The meats were processed ham, sausage, thick bacon and luncheon ham.  Therefore, a layer of oil formed on the broth surface.

Overall, the stew had no monosodium glutamate and not salty at all.  It relied on the vegetables, and chili powder to give it flavour.  The ramen and rice cakes absorbed all the goodness of the stew.  It was a really pleasant healthy savory meal. image

The stew comes with 2 bowls of rice and the mini appetizer side dishes.

I always appreciate natural home cooked Korean dinners.  I think this is one of the higher ranked Korean restaurants uptown.  I liked the bright clean interiors and the efficiency of the restaurant.  The flavours were spectacular.  I enjoyed looking at the customers around me, eagerly eating, full of hunger in their eyes and gulping everything down without ease.  I highly recommend.


Food 3.75/5

Ambiance 3/5

Service 3.5/5

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