Tutti Panini

Address: 141 King Rd #8, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3L7

Phone: (907) 773-1020

Website: http://www.tuttipanini.ca/en/

4-tuttipanini-905.773.1020-exterior-700x500Tutti Panini is a local Italian restaurant found in the heart of Oak Ridges, currently a subdivision of Richmond hill.  The fast-food like restaurant is tucked in a small strip plaza on a side road of future residential development, but currently farm fields.  There are daycare, dental offices, tutoring centers and a karate center in the plaza.  I visualize a lot of families order take out here while they wait for their children, eat before class hours or to take home after classes.

We had dinner on a weekday.  By the time we arrived, 7:30pm, the storefront was clean and well kept, counters were clear of food but everything on the menu were hot items, had to be prepared or reheated in the kitchen.

tutti-paniniThe interior decor was cute. They try to mimic Italy’s southern shore lines, sitting on a patio, facing open streets or the ocean, feeling the warm breeze circulating the atmosphere.  Therefore, stone was glued on the walls and floor.  The walls were also decorated with fake see out window panes.  Vines and Italian wine bottle lamps were hanging from the ceiling.


Fried Calamari ($7.95) was lightly battered and not oily, neither salty.  Calamari had a crunchy skin and chewy texture.  It was not overdone, where calamari can be hard like rubber.  But without the cocktail sauce, the calamari will be quite tasteless.


Mussels Marinara ($7.95) was prepared fresh.  Great portion for the amount we paid; we had at least 3 pounds of mussels.  Each shell had the mussel meat intact, very satisfying.  It was very worth it.  I have a certain love for tomato sauce.  Their marinara sauce was liquefied, I tend to like sauces thicker.  But, the peppers and chili made the sauce really enjoyable, which provided a kick to the sweet and sour tomato sauce.  Very dynamic!  Too bad they ran out of dinner rolls, otherwise, we would have scooped up every drop of the sauce.


Signature Sandwich, Tutti Panini (8.95) has veal, eggplant, mushroom, onion, peppers, and cheese toppings.  We requested for the spiciest sauce possible to go with the sandwich.  BIG and THICK sandwich, a good size for sharing.  It was a messy job to eat the sandwich though, my mouth was too small and not wide enough to accommodate and the toppings kept falling out.  It was a mouth watering hot crunchy sandwich which tastes very Italian and pleasant with the spicy sauce, adding depth to the overall flavours.

The whole evening, we were praising how good the food was and the amazing portion sizes.  The owner, also the chef, was friendly.  He was always smiling at us and asking how the food was, very polite and admirable.  I definitely recommend the fast food like restaurant to anyone for a quite bite.  Bon appetite!


Food 3.5/5

Ambiance 3/5

Service 3/5

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