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An Afternoon at Ripley’s Aquarium~

Address: 288 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 3L9

Phone: (637) 351-3474



Front Entrance…..and yes, I went in March

If you are doing a day trip of Toronto in the Downtown touristy area of CN Tower, Harbourfront etc, then you should probably take a look at Ripley’s Aquarium.  Its grand opening was in late 2013, still quite recent in my terms.

Even if you are not touring, the aquarium is a great location for dates and family time during weekends and holidays.  It is very educational; amazing information on the species in the ocean and the Canadian Great Lakes.  It is also extremely interactive, attention grabbing and very curiosity driven.


Interactive Area



The aquarium begins with the Great Lakes.  There were big tanks filled with fishes swimming in circles nonstop.  With the lighting, the tanks look mysterious and magical.  Aren’t they cute?

After the great lakes, we begin the ocean species.


Octopus tentacles suctioned onto the glass walls.  I was in awe after seeing the details and size of those individual cups.  They look so squishy and I can imagine the slime.  I can not believe this is a species we eat.

IMG_6505 IMG_6511IMG_6514  There are tanks showing the different coral reef families on the planet.  There were videos and boards telling us how they survive, the depth they live in and the overall environment.  The tanks were well displayed, and extremely colourful.  Doesn’t it feel so happy and joyful?


I just thought the “zebra fish” (that is what I named it as) looked really cool and pretty with the fins fanned out like the peacock.IMG_6566

Everyone would love this.  Let’s find NEMO, the famous clown fish and DORY, the blue fish.  They look dopey, so amazing.


This is the BIG shark lagoon.  You hop onto the moving walkway and it will take you through the whole lagoon, showing the different types of sharks and sting rays.  I wish I saw the sea turtle.  The lagoon was really awesome because it felt like a 360 panoramic view of the deep ocean.  You have the species swimming above and around you.  The darkness made it eerie or creepy but arouses your curiosity.

IMG_6574  Seahorses!  They are so pretty and funny.  The species love to hook onto plants and each other because they have a funny S-shape.  I just never imaged there are more than that one kind we are familiar with.  There are camouflage seahorse!  IMG_6579



IMG_6582  The BIG Eyed Shark, but harmless.IMG_6589

The stingray tank

IMG_6598  The jellyfish exhibition was the coolest of them all.IMG_6599IMG_6605  It was so relaxing and gorgeous to look at.  I enjoyed seeing the jellyfish floating freely in whichever direction.  I also loved that bobbing or pumping position they make to move.

IMG_6609In the end, you enter their water tank or cleansing room.  They explain how they maintain the water environment for the species and why the filter system is probably at its best.

I think the Ripley’s Aquarium is definitely a place you can spend a day at in awe and joy.  It is a great learning feature and the interactive areas are a place you can turn into a goofball and play your hearts out!