Isee Isee Handcrafted Icy Desserts

Address: G/F, Haven Court, No. 138 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Phone: 2337 3361

What can be more refreshing on a hot humid summer day than a cold treat like a popsicle?  In the summer months, I assure everyone that the heat is unbearable, no matter which continent you are in.  The desire for something cold and sweet or even fruity is always on the top of the list.

I recently traveled to Hong Kong, the city with amazing food and plentiful creativity.  Their scorching +30 degrees Celsius temperature mixed with humidity makes the city very unbearable.  A concrete forest which survives under air conditioners and cold products, there is no doubt dessert and iced drinks or snacks are of great popularity among their citizens.

The small bright store front stands out brightly and airily in a row of dark old fashioned stores along the street.  It is extremely easy to find in the Causeway Bay area because the street is behind the shopping area with a lot of high end and expensive malls, full of rich, high class and prominent citizens.  Some people purposely walk here to enjoy the cold snack, many actually drive here and stop the car right at the entrance to order.  It is very popular among the young adults and children, which made up 99% of their business.

Right at the entrance is their cleverly designed, simple wall display of popsicle flavours and price list.  The cold treats are all organic and handmade on the spot from fresh ingredients everyday, hence the steep prices.  Hong Kong citizens are strict believers of overseas product.  Therefore, the word Hokkaido on the menu really gives them the confidence that the treats are edible and are worth it because overseas products are just so-much-better.  They do have cold drinks and ice cream other than popsicle, if you like other options or ice pops are not your thing.

Just like how everyone would crave for a can of pop or slushy or juice etc, to replenish the lost water, I crave for something healthy and fruity to replace the lost vitamins and minerals.  Afterall, fruits have a lot of natural sugars SO I would not feel guilty at all.

On the left is earl grey pistachio ($42) popsicle.  I wish there was more pistachio bits on the earl grey ice pop.  The pistachio nuts fell onto the base of the cup, where as they should evenly spread it on each side of the pop.  I literally had to scoop up the pistachio and stick it onto the pop myself or I had to take a bite of the pop, then a scoop of the nuts.  But overall, the popsicle was extremely refreshing, had strong flavours and very creamy.

On the right is strawberry Hokkaido milk ($42) popsicle.  It was extremely smooth, creamy and milky.  How much milk did they use?!  The first bite felt like you dove into a pool of milk.  It was honestly that strong.  The strawberry bits in the middle were legit, made of real strawberries and added depth to the overall experience of the ice pop.  Strawberry milkshake?  Not exactly!  But imagine a mouth full of milky taste and then a sudden burst of strawberry flavours.  It was a fun refreshing summer taste.

Both the popsicles were not sweet, a bonus!  Which one did I like better?  This is a hard question because the two flavours are quite contrasting.  May I say, I liked them both?

It is cute their wooden sticks have a great meaning after ingesting such an amazing treat.  Everyone, have a good day!!  The owners definitely want their customers to enjoy their experience with Isee and their popsicles have made everyone feel good.  I hope everyone liked their popsicle as much as I did.

Reminds me,

“Everybody is awesome!!!”

****word of advice:  This story pretty much survives when the gimmick and popularity is still in the rise.  Once others start copying or is not as interested anymore, the owners will probably pack it up and go.  Therefore, try it when you still have the chance.


Food 4/5

Service 3/5

Ambiance 3/5



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