Millie Creperie

Address: 161 Baldwin Street, Kensington Market, Toronto ON M5V3H9

Phone: (416) 977-1922


Summer is the season for random exploration in the city and staying out late because the temperatures accommodate us to do so.  It is also the season where a lot of stores grand open, meaning, new places to probe.


Millie Creperie is a cafe tucked in Kensington Market, right off a side street in Chinatown, probably a two minute walk from Spadina Ave.  But we kept on missing it because it does not stand out colourfully or highly decorated like other cafes and is extremely small in size.  I am not sure when it opened but its popularity is spreading around the city, thanks to Instagram and Facebook.  The owners advertise by urging customers who are these interface users to post photos onto their public profiles.


The shop itself only has three simple dining tables and roughly around 8 chairs.  It is extremely tiny that most of their customers order take out.  The “kitchen” or fridge area is extremely tight that the servers or girls were squeezing through one another or angling themselves a certain way to get things or to pass by one another.  No exaggeration!

The cafe offers wide range of products from dessert crepes to savory types, cakes to parfait to ice cream.  I am sure there must be something that fits everyone’s taste buds.  Price is competitive and reasonable for the handmade on the spot products.

The girl servers were polite and sweet.  But I could not comment on their service because it was sort-of take out style.  I was not there long enough where they had to assist and serve us.  However, the outlook of the cafe is very clean and maintained good hygiene by switching gloves, wiping counter tops, or glass doors.


Green Tea Matcha Crepe Cake ($7.60 + taxes) is a meticulously built cake of at least 20 layers of crepe with matcha powdered whipped cream spread and layered in between.  The cake was delicious and not sweet at all.  It was also very delicate and soft, offered a melt in mouth texture.  I think I am addicted to this.  Is matcha caffeinated?  Since matcha is an antioxidant, hence I feel quite healthy devouring this cake.

I will be back to try the rest of their menu.  Open somewhere uptown, so I do not need to travel so far!


Food 4/5

Service n/a

Ambiance 2/5

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