Banh Mi Bar

Address: 189 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON

Phone: (647) 629-8358

During the summer, Kensington Market becomes pedestrian only on Sundays.  I was lucky enough to enjoy the freedom and full width of the streets while I stroll around the neighbourhood.  There were a lot of food stalls and performances you can enjoy during your visit on Sunday afternoon.  Situated along the main street of the Kensington Market, Augusta Ave, is a Vietnamese fast food like restaurant.  You can either sit in to enjoy the meal or take out.a14dd5b4c6ba48716e3eba08025425a9_1438454859_200_thumbDo not mix up Bahn Mi Bar with Bahn Mi Boys.  They are not affiliated.

Other than the famous Vietnamese style sandwiches, they also offer spring rolls, pho and rice.  We ate a lot while we were strolling around the market.  Banh Mi Bar is the last place we stopped into and wanted something light.  The best option was the sandwiches.

On the wall next to the cashier or food station is their hand drawn  sandwich menu.  Obviously, there are many variations you can try.  Our criteria were simple and cheap!

Grilled Pork Belly Banh Mi Sub ($5.99) is grilled pork belly with pickled raddish, carrots and cilantro on a baguette with hoisin sauce on the side.  I appreciate the waitress cutting the sandwich into 3 portions.  She was attentive for respecting our needs and requests.  The sandwich was made fresh in the little kitchen.  The pork belly took at least 8 minutes to grill or cook.  It was really fatty and oozing in oil, soft texture overall.  The vegetables were fresh and crispy or crunchy.  Ingredients were trying to gush out of the baguette.  Our sandwich was fully loaded!

My complaint is on the salt levels.  I was so thirsty for the remaining half of the day, chugging myself with water.  My mouth was so dry after this sandwich, which was loaded with MSG and salt.  Thank goodness I did not apply the hoisin sauce.  I would have enjoyed the sandwich more if there were lesser amounts of salt.

I think I will just stay with the cold cuts Vietnamese sandwiches for more simplicity and healthiness.  In fact, I can make many variations with such a simple sandwich by adding more condiments or whatsoever.


Food 2.75/5

Service 4/5

Ambiance 2/5

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2 thoughts on “Banh Mi Bar

  1. chris

    It’s strange… I have tried the sandwiches many times at Bahn Mi Bar 189 and have always found them to be fresh, generous and delicious. After reading this review, i checked with the owner, Lynda, and she told me they use neither salt nor m.s.g. in the preparation of any of their bahn mi. I have also tried the spring rolls, the fresh rolls, the pho, the bun, the rice with pork chop and fried egg: everything has been good, savoury but not overly salty, and definitely no m.s.g.. In my opinion it is one of the best, cleanest, most affordable Vietnamese restaurants in the area! And they have one of the nicest patios in Kensington Market…

    1. simplepointz Post author

      I am not going to change your opinion or anything. You stand by what you tried and I also do too. When i tried it with my friends, hence, the 3 pieces, the sandwiches were definitely salty. They said it too. Everyday there is a fluke to the cooking. I dont mind trying or testing it out again.


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