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Do Us a Flavour 2015

Do us a Flavour is back again!


I actually tried them all, but only took a picture of the 2 bags.  I APOLOGIZE!!!  Fresh chips really make the experience much better.  It was very soft and crispy.

Butter Chicken resembled curry a lot.  I was able to taste that sweet creamy transition.  This flavour was dynamic.  I am glad to say, this was my favourite and truly voted for it too.

Montreal Smoked Meat is a flavour full of spices.  I was able to taste black pepper, garlic, coriander, salt, cayene pepper and others.  The heat slowly builds up after eating a handful all at once.  It was quite realistic, but I realized the flavour annoyed me after a while.  It dried my mouth up and was extremely salty.

Smokey BBQ Baked Beans is basically the original BBQ flavour, nothing special.

PEI Scalloped Potatoes tasted like sour cream and onion.  It had that strong onion flavour to it.  You are able to taste the cheese or dairy powder.

Which one was your favourite?!


Sandbanks Winery

Address: 17598 Loyalist Pkwy, Wellington, ON K0K 3L0

Phone: (613) 399-1839


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs I arrive in Prince Edward County in the afternoon, I see the big billboard entrance for Sandbanks Winery.  Hard to miss it because it is right on Loyalist Parkway, the main road through Wellington, Bloomfield and Picton.  The parking lot was packed and there were cars parking on the side road or the ditch too.  This popular winery seems like it is a must visit because of its convenient location and the name, branding after the local attraction, Sandbanks Provincial Park.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI thought the winery was really cute!  The environment was very welcoming and well groomed.  I love the vibrant warm colours.  Gazebos, patios and beach chairs are everywhere in the picnic area for visitors to enjoy a lunch and wine social event.  The architecture has a European touch, similar to rural Provence and the traditional Italian houses in Tuscany.  A lot of natural light comes through the window in the tasting room.  Earth tones are used to decorate the interior, offering a lighthearted, relaxing, easy going atmosphere.  You can stay as long as you like.

All workers were enthusiastic, happy and young.  The day I visited, they were so occupied by visitors, and everyone were working nonstop.  Some workers were busy stocking up the shelves, some were around to guide customers to whatever they were asking, majority were handling the tasting bar.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStanding at the tasting bar, waiting for some assistance is a first come first serve process.  Tasting is $3 per person, for a tasting of 5 wines or complimentary with the purchase of a bottle of wine.  My assistant, Kevin, showed me a list of Sandbanks Winery produced wines.  To be honest, there is quite a lot, organized from dry to fruity under the categories of white, red rose and dessert.  He was knowledgeable of the Sandbanks wines and telling us what should be expected with each tasting.

Because I personally favour the sweeter white wines, I tried tarter and medium sweet variations or white.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  1. Pinot Grigio : is one of their dryer wines.  I liked it because it had a pear scent and tasted fruity and mellow, bringing excitement to the palate.  Kevin was surprised, probably wondered what was she talking about, not liking dry wines.  As the tasting continued forward, I concluded this was my favourite wine of all.
  2. Riesling : is technically their mediocre dry level wine, but I find it dryer than the Pinot Grigio.  I find it quite acidic on the palate, and lacked the fruitiness I was expecting.  To me, it was a confusing wine. *This is according to my palate and tastes.
  3. Summer : had a lot of bubbles and felt airy.  It was like a champagne, light and sweet, full of fun.  This was definitely one of the easier drink, like flavoured carbonated water, bursting with fruity tastes.  I did not purchase this because it was more like a celebration wine or a seasonal wine to me.
  4. Rose : is a blend of red and white wine.  It was very tart or dry and bitter, offering a sour scent like cranberry.  When I drank it, I just did not like it and neither can I accept it.  *This is according to my own palate and preference.
  5. Late Harvest : resembled an ice wine but not exactly an iced wine since the grapes were not picked in the winter when there is a frost layer on it.  The grapes were picked before the snowfall.  The wine was sweet, a true dessert wine with a hint of honey and fruits.

The wines are priced competitively, on average $15 or $16, really economical and a great everyday wine to have.   Other than purchasing their wines at the winery, you can also find them at LCBO stores for the same price.  I walked out with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and a Late Harvest.  As much as I say I like sweet wines, I realized I live on the middle plane.  It turns out I like sweet wines like ice wine and mediocre dry wines.  After paying, we were free to tour the grounds and explore a bit.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was an event the day I visited, hence, the major decoration and outdoor activities or showcase of wines everywhere.  It was so pretty and relaxing that I can spend a day on those lawn chairs.

The contemporary designed labels on each bottle differentiated each wine from another, signifying the fun, upbeat, abstract flavours of the wines.  The colour scheme followed the outlook of the winery, very bright, creative, exciting and warm.  Planted its first vines in 2001, in a decade, the winery is recognized across all of Ontario.  Expansion is a continuing dedicated process, in hopes to produce more quality wines for everyone.  I recommend the winery to everyone who is looking for a good everyday wine that is well priced.  I also recommend it for the beautiful atmosphere and convenient location.


Exultet Estates and Winery

Address: 1112 Royal Road, Milford, ON K0K 2P0

Phone: (613) 476-1052


Prince Edward County is well known for their wines!  Do not leave the county without trying at least three or five wineries and buy some good quality wines.  20150802_123732We were recommended by our B&B owner to visit Exultet Winery.  The GPS was useless and no one could really give us the exact address.  We resorted to the most basic way, ask people for directions and memorize words or names.  After summarizing our directions given: turn on the street where the lighthouse marine museum is and turn at the fork and drive until you see a sign, if driving from Milford Back River.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAExultet is a Latin word meaning song of rejoicing.  The beautiful word represents the Joy and praise for wines that are transcendent and meaningful, emerging from darkness.  Vineyards were first planted in 2004, taking a couple of years to finally produce their brand and wines.  The winery and production site is a simple lone barn, a former 1870’s Cheese Factory.  Also, has a comparatively small acreage (10 acres) for the vineyard when measured with other wineries in the area.  The parking lot is on the field next to the white building.  We were the only car then when arrived.  You will have to walk around to the back in order to enter the tasting room, which is on the small side.  This boutique winery do not handle large crowds anyways.  Even so, it has a peaceful environment, and a hint of grandeur, wrapped by the surrounding endless fields.


Exultet Winery is a hands-on, family operated business, making around 1000 cases of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio and Vidal Icewine, in total a year.  The owners, Gerry and Lia, were exceptionally confident, passionate and proud of their wines.  Even though they have two international workers working for them, the down to earth family also take part in the challenging and hardworking tasks by taking on the roles of planters, harvesters, wine makers and bottlers.  They are made by truly 100% Prince Edward County Grapes, producing the real Prince Edward County wines, as rated by VQA Ontario.  Sustainable agriculture is implemented by burying or replanting their vines into the soil again for another year of growth, keeping the fruit pure and native to the area.  The wines are truly made by using oak  barrels.  Traditional techniques are kept and implemented at Exultet, producing real one of a kind wines!  Because some of the wineries in Prince Edward County import fruit and juices from the Niagara Region.

*On the wine bottles, if it says VQA Ontario, it usually means Niagara Region fruit.  While VQA Prince Edward County means native grapes and made in the county.*


Their efforts definitely did pay off.  The wall left of the entrance displays all the awards they have won with their wines.  They have won the Lieutenant Governor’s Gold Award for Excellence in Ontario Wines for five years in a row, from 2010 to 2015; apparently, the only winery in the region that was able to keep the title for consecutive years.  The winner wine, a Chardonnay named The Blessed, has a deep meaningful signature implying how everything they do, they own and everyone around is a blessing to the family, and is grateful to have created a unique white wine.  In fact, I feel very honored to visit the estate and experience their wines and bring it home to share with others.

The wine tasting ($2 per tasting) and wines ($26 to $46) are a slightly more expensive than others in the county.  However, if you purchase wine from them, the tasting fee will be waived, I believe a minimum of two bottles.  This boutique winery is definitely for someone who is serious about their wines, have high standards or really is looking for one of a kind.  This small scale, hands on, family owned operation, creates small batches a year, really truthfully charges fairly.  It honestly is worth every penny.

Through my chats with Gerry and Lia, they are extremely knowledgeable about wines.  They were friendly and welcoming; also, meticulous.  Their plantation process, when to harvest, how their fermentation works, storing in oak barrels and when bottling takes place were all fully explained to me.  I was told their barrels, wine bottles and corks were imported from France and they quality control everything.  They were giving me tips on how to pair the individual wines, what to look and differences to look for in each wine, what particular flavours you can taste in the wine.  Their seriousness about wine made me thought I was walking through a museum.

Wine tasting was done based on your palate and your personal liking.  I like white wines more than red.  I also do not like my wines dry.  Therefore, Lia was recommending a few wines based on my personal tastes:

  1. 2014 Mysterium : a white wine made of red grapes, is my favourite wine of all that I tried. This white Pinot Noir white wine had a fruity and mellow flavour, with a dark yellow appearance.  This is supposedly a dryer or more tart choice on their wine list but I disagree and find it really smooth or easy to drink.
  2. The Blessed Chardonnay : is the award winning wine for consecutive five years.  This is a very consistent white wine they make.  This has a fairly strong oak taste and quite buttery too.  I think my palate was confused by the time I tried it because it feels dryer than the other white when it should not be.  But overall, I liked the flavour of the Mysterium more.
  3. 2014 cruX Rose : a white and red wine mixture is dryer than I expected.  It is also on the bitter side, resembles a red wine more.  I am unsure I like the rose type or this form of combination.
  4. 2013 Dolce Ghiacciato Vidal Icewine : a juice like drink, very sweet.  It is the only ice wine produced in the county.
  5. 2013 The Beloved Pinot Noir : I tried a red just to see if I can change my view on them or if I can overcome my barriers.  I still find it drier than whites, somewhat tart or but not as strong as port.  But, I was able to taste the oak wood and a slight chocolate aroma in the wine.

Exultet wines are not sold in LCBO or anywhere else, only at their estates or online.  They sell out quite fast and annually too, so take the opportunity to purchase a high end qualitative drink whenever you can.  I walked out with a two bottles of Mysterium and a bottle of Vidal Ice wine.  I regret not buying a bottle of the award winning wine for my own experience and for sentimental value.  These wines can be stored for at least five years unopened, stored with the bottle tipped down so the liquid is in contact with the wooden cork.  The ice wine has a one year life span because it has high sugar content, hence gets spoiled easier.

I conclude, this is a hidden gem in the county.  The meaning and dedication to wine resurrects the area and the century old farm.  No one can ever produce the same wines because the growth of the grapes depend on the soil, water, exposure.  This gives each wine a certain character that cannot be copied.  Exultet Estates is not well known.  But if you are in the area, I highly recommend them because you will not disappoint.  In my opinion, they produced the best wine in the county.

Norman Hardie Winery and Vineyard

Address: 1152 Greer Rd. Wellington, Ont, K0K 3L0

Phone: (613) 399-5297



Norman Hardie is the South African owner who began his brand and legacy in the Prince Edward County as one of the regions best vineyards and wine production.  Also, the first to start the wood-fired pizza.

You know this is a busy winery when there is someone directing your parking.  Take note, this is a one way entrance.  You slowly drive up the narrow unpaved ravine path, with grapes and vines grown on both sides.  It sets up a mysterious or suspenseful atmosphere to develop a series of surprise or expectations afterwards.  Was it fulfilled?!

On a long weekend, Monday afternoon, the parking lot was full and was so busy.  Everyone were hustling and bustling around us, stirring a trail of dust and dirt behind their tracks.  The estate, a barn like structure built with aluminum sheets, was built on a little hill overlooking part of the vineyard.  This vineyard has more than 100 acres, quite large.  It was beautiful, gorgeous and relaxing.  You see endless rows of vines, greenery, blue sky and floating white clouds.

We were recommended by locals that this is a must go to winery either for their great alcohol or their renowned wood fired oven pizza or both.  The pizza oven patio is opened from 11am to 6pm on Thursday through Monday from June to late September; in May, only Saturday, Sunday and long weekends at the same hours.  Their tasting bar is opened seven days a week from 10am to 6pm from April through early December; from January through March, the bar is open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 5pm.  Plan your visits accordingly.

**I did not go wine tasting, therefore, my review or blog post is on the pizza.  Why did I not go wine tasting?  I honestly had too much wine during my visit at Prince Edward County and I could not resist buying another bottle if I liked it.  I needed to save myself from over the roof bills!**

As we wait for our table, we are welcomed to explore the barn and around the winery.


Right at the entrance of the barn, you walk into an indoor open dining area, the kitchen and wine making factory.


You walk up a flight of stairs to the second floor, which is the wine tasting bar and souvenir retail area.


It ultimately opens outdoor to another part of the vineyard and more wine making factory.  I did realize, they use the new technology in their wine making process.  Instead of using wood barrels, the juice and wine is encased in a large metal container.  This probably gives the wine more consistency and limits the variables to errors or problems.  It is easier to control.

The barn maintained its interior rustic look, using barrels as display.  It looks sleeker and cleaner with the aluminum metal finishes.  Quite contrasting but it offers a modern contemporary style and is design forward compared to a lot of other wineries in the area.


They specialize in traditional Italian pizzas.  Our seat was directly in front of the wood fire pizza oven.  We watched the dough and pizza making process.  They were extremely busy, producing at least five to eight pizzas every five minutes.  The dough maker was turned onto extreme power mode, kept turning and stretching nonstop.  When done, he passed it to the topping maker.  Afterwards, to the wooden rod to insert into the oven.  The teamwork belt and speed could not be compared.


Do not drink the water.  It tasted like the ice or water holding fresh oysters, extremely nasty.  They probably assumed everyone would order a wine to pair with their infamous pizzas.


Salsiccia Bianca ($16) was made of sausage, flor di latte, garlic, hot pepper, and sauteed onions.  The pizza was kind of tasteless.  I loved the melted cheese and the strong onion flavour but it did not impress me.  I could not taste the garlic nor the spiciness of the hot peppers.  All it had was the aroma of the drizzled olive oil on the top.  There was a lack of sausage too.  Each bite I had was mostly the thin crust and cheese.  The crust was quite burnt too, because that was all I can taste, more so than anything else.


Funghi ($17) made of flor di latte, oyster mushroom, garlic, and brie.  This pizza was much more appealing and satisfying.  The oyster mushroom added crunchiness to the texture of the crispy crust.  But overall, the flavour of the pizza was stronger.  The brie was really fresh and had that strong dairy flavour, when matched to the garlic and olive oil.  In general, the brie gave life to this pizza, otherwise it would not have tasted as good.

I think the pizzas were a hit or miss.  After a full day of oven usage, I am pretty sure there is soot built up, and also depends on how strong the fire is.  Pizzas can be easily burnt because the crust is extremely thin like crackers.  I do wish there was a little bit more toppings and less dry.  I will try them one more time, but I want to go with the standard traditional Margarita PIzza next time.  Nonetheless, this is one of the better traditional wood fired Italian pizzas eatery I have tried.


Food 3.25/5

Service 3/5

Ambiance 4/5

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Address: 265 Main Street.  Picton, ON. K0K 2T0

Phone: (613) 476 – 7057

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMain Street Picton is a neat little community of antique 1800’s architecture.  Being the largest community in Prince Edward County, many families love to stay here because it is right in the heart of attractions, activities, most selection of restaurants and stores.  Early dinner or browsing is a must because they close early, roughly around 6 pm.

Portabella was the second restaurant we encountered, with a dim, nice, mellow atmosphere.  It was a busy restaurant the moment we stepped in.  The owner asked if we had reservations, which was no.  He was kind of wary at first, but managed to put a table together before the reserved group came.  I really appreciate and was thankful for such a prompt gesture.


Orange Almond Green Salad ($9) is assorted greens topped with mandarin oranges and toasted almonds. served with orange tarragon dressing.  Three words to describe texture – fresh, crunchy, crispy! Flavour was sweet with a strong citrus aroma.  Really appetizing and good small portion for someone who is bloated.


Medium rare Steak Sandwich ($19) is a 6 ounce New York strip loin steak served on garlic toast, with horseradish aioli, sauteed mushrooms and arugula.  We asked for a garden salad as the side.  I was expecting a top bun.  In the end, still had to eat with fork and knife.  The steak was good, very tender and juicy.  The toppings and sauce were a good combination for the steak, very safe yet conservative.

Overall, there was no surprise to the meal.  I liked the meal because the food had just the right amount of salt for flavour.  Like the other meals I had at Prince Edward County, it was extremely fresh and sweet.  Satisfying!  If i got back to Portabella, I will definitely try their pastas because it is an Italian restaurant and it is what they are known for.


Food 3.75/5

Service 3.5/5

Ambiance 3.5/5

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The Cider Company

Address:  657 Bongards Crossroad, Waupoos, ON K0K 2T0

Phone: (613) 476-1022


Waupoos is another community in Prince Edward County, on Smith Bay of Lake Ontario in the land of cider, wineries, farms, and forested hills.  It is the on the eastern end of the lake, almost to the mouth of St. Lawrence River.  The views in this region are spectacular and has a slight breeze, even on a hot summer day.

Waupoos is well known for The County Cider Company because it is the only one in the county.  You drive up a hill to the driveway leading to the huge parking lot.  There are two barns on the large property.  One is the production site and the other is the retail or dining patio area.  The barns are quite interesting, very basic, rustic and traditional.  The atmosphere is really captivating.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This is quite a large property, with majority apple orchards and in lesser amount, grape vines lined around.  Very welcoming because you are free to walk anywhere for genuine exploration.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On a summer Sunday early afternoon, this place was packed!  Business comes in a never ending rate.  Everyone were just busy bustling around.  I came for lunch and meanwhile, cider tasting.  Their kitchen is an outdoor open style, where you can watch them cook away.  The County Cider Company has no lights on their patio, hence, they rely on natural sunlight to run the business.  Do go early or when daylight is still available because they begin closing preparations around 5 pm.


You must pass the retail section of the barn to the dining patio area.  In fact, you must wait at the back exit for your table.  They take no reservations, therefore, first come first serve.  Dine in only.  IMG_1041As I wait to be seated for lunch, I did some cider tasting.  Each tasting is $2.  You can try their classic Tortured Path apple cider, pear cider, blood orange cider and peach cider. Cider tasted like beer to me, especially the apple cider.  Tortured Path Apple Cider had a tart or dry flavour and dark brown colour, was a bit bitter for my liking.  The pear cider was less bitter, slightly sweeter but was as dry, with a clear beige tone.  The blood orange cider had a mixture of zesty citrus flavour mixed with the dryness of apple cider.  The blood orange cider is more frizzy or bubbly, like carbonated water or sparkling wine.  At some point, I thought they all tasted more or less similar to me.  The peach cider was the sweetest of them all, very peachy.  I would categorize this as a juice, offering a pleasant effervescence and refreshing finish to my cider tasting.  I regret not buying at least a bottle for sentimental reasons or for cooking reasons.  Each bottle has a very economical cost!

*We were sitting under a red umbrella, so, my pictures have a strong red hue.*


Mango, Black Bean & Corn Salsa is served with corn tortilla chips ($10).  There was a hefty amount of tortilla chips in the paper bag, more than what you need for the salsa.  These chips were lightly salted and baked to crispness with a slight burn to them.  I would be just as happy eating them plain, just the way they are.  The salsa was decent.  The salsa was really fresh, juicy and sweet from the generous amounts of diced mangoes, and the freshly diced tomatoes from Vicki’s Veggies.  The texture was chewy from the black bean and corn, which also added dimension to the flavours too.  We could not stop complimenting or stop eating it.  Overall, the flavours of the salsa was vivid and memorable.


Hots For You Pizza ($17.50) is made of tomato pesto sauce, grilled hot Italian sausage, spicy marinated eggplant, fresh tomato and fresh basil.  This is a new generation creative pizza, different from the traditional Italian types, though still baked in a hot stone oven.  The thin crust pizza was baked to perfection, very crunchy and crispy.  And the toppings were interesting.  The handful of mint leaves garnish over the cooked pizza made it extra refreshing with each bite.  Because the chopped mint was raw, an abundant supply of it, made it slightly bitter, but overall, did not affect the pizza too much.  There was a little heat or hot spice to the pizza, making it very delightful and attractive.  Once again, the fresh tomatoes were very sweet and fresh, where some of the juice was absorbed by the toppings underneath.  That explains why the pizza was not burnt because the heat in the oven evaporated the water content.

Owners and employees take pride in being a county local.  They showed amazing support and enthusiasm in their cider drinks and production. Their friendly service was assuring.  Having lunch on the patio was rewarding because the patio is on top of a hill, looking down to the apple orchards, grape vines and ultimately to Lake Ontario.  The view was spectacular and very relaxing, complimented by their exquisite food.


Food 4/5

Service 3.5/5

Ambiance 4/5

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September 12, 2015

Address: 19 Elizabeth St, Prince Edward, ON K0K

Phone: (613) 476 – 6565


Piction is the largest community in the whole of Prince Edward County mainly because Sir John A. MacDonald stayed there to guide the naval.  It was also visited by the prince.  Therefore, the fame was received.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Diners remind me of university economical food, all day breakfast, homemade food, a family gathering place, laid back easy going atmosphere.  Diners also remind me of American movies, where the diner is always located in the middle of nowhere, expecting some violent commotion to happen, or for secret CIA agents to share top notch confidential information.  However, Williams Family Diner did not fit into any of the imagination above.

In Downtown Picton, Williams family diner is a well kept lone building hidden behind the touristy Main Street.  It has quite a lot of traffic and recognition because Giant Tiger, the only big low priced “everything” store, is its neighbour.  If you forgot something at home or need something last minute, Giant Tiger is the solution!  If you are curious and has time to kill, Giant Tiger is the place to go to!  I had my dinner at Williams Diner because it was getting late (8:30 pm), it looked bright, homey and was busy.

*A lot of places in Picton or surrounding areas close at 6 or 7 pm, really early!  If you are looking for dinner past 7 pm, there are only few options.  Head out early!*

Service was prompt and not pushy.  Because there are only two servers working in a sea of customers, mostly large family, few friends and couple gatherings, service was on the slower side.  But I understand and is considerate about it.  She assisted us as soon as she was free to take our orders.  She was extremely nice, making small chats with us about Picton and was reassuring us as a first timer to the county.


Cervelat Sausage ($14) is a platter of two Knackwurst sausages, spaetzle, peas, sauerkraut and apple chutney.  This platter has a mixture of all the basic tastes – sweet, sour, salty and bland.  Peas were tasteless and boiled in water.  The sauerkrat was a bit dry and not as sour as I the ones I have tried in Toronto.  The ends of the cabbage were burnt.  I wonder if they drained the water through evaporation on a pan.  Spaetzle is a homemade noodle out of plain flour.  Knead it, peel the flour, and throw it into the boiling water until it is done.  It was thick and chewy, except the size was a bit small.  Spaetzle had no taste unless you mix it with all the other ingredients.  The sausages were good, oil less, juicy but kind of bland also.  They were baked to slight discolouration.  The apple chutney was sweet, reminded me of apple sauce or jam.  I see slivers of onions and cherries but did not contribute to the chutney.  Overall, this dish was quite ordinary but felt extremely homemade and healthy.


I am a rabbit, I need to have my daily vegetables.  Green Salad ($6) is a mix of greens, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes.  The diner had at least five dressings you can choose from, but the girl recommended the homemade raspberry vinaigrette.  The crops are all grown and purchased from local farms.  The salad was extremely fresh!  The vegetables were crisp and crunchy.  Everything was green, no off coloured pieces and no withering pieces!  The cherry tomatoes were sweet, which surprised me and I might have overcome my fear of cherry tomatoes.  The raspberry salad dressing had a strong raspberry aroma.  In fact, it tasted sweet and sour, very light.  In fact, the dressing was crunchy because you can occasionally feel the seeds that did not blend completely.  This salad was just very promising and full of positive remarks.

The portions of the meal were huge for the amount we paid.  They tasted really light too.  We walked out extremely satisfied.  We were a minority in Williams Diner because of our ethnicity.  Everyone in Piction are mostly Canadian of European descent.  Suddenly, two Asian adults come in, we sort of become a “wow” factor.   It is more quiet, spacious and personal than you would expect.  You have your private space, a good amount of clearance around you.  I admit, Williams Diner was not my first choice or perhaps not everyone’s first choice.   But if you are looking for a fast comfortable meal with a good selection, you can really give the diner a try.


Food 3.5/5

Service 3/5

Ambiance 3/5

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