Drake Devonshire

Address: 24 Wharf Street. Welllington, ON. K0K 3L0

Phone: (613) 339 – 3338

Website: http://www.drakedevonshire.ca/


The name sounds familiar does it not?  Drake Devonshire is under the same company as the Drake Hotel on Queen Street in Toronto.  It has the same style, modern contemporary with some hip cultural finishes.


Drake Devonshire is strategically located on the shores of Lake Ontario, looking onto parts of the Sandbanks Provincial Park.  It is built right on the edge of Wellington.  Everyone has to pass through this town to enter or leave the county and also is along the way to the major wineries and tourist attractions.  This is a great place to pause and slow down to catch your breath.  It is so relaxing, with a strong breeze and big waves slapping onto the shoreline towards the cottage like hotel.  It is very suitable for anyone in any age group, great atmosphere and great location.

I went to Drake for a late lunch, which marked the beginning of my weekend trip to Prince Edward County.


You can be seated on the patio looking out onto the lake or indoors with big windows looking at the same view.


You walk through the open kitchen to the dining area or to the patio door.  It looked so shiny clean and organized, which gave me the confidence and trust.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe openness or the airiness made the whole restaurant very soothing and welcoming.  In fact, it was eclectic because the antique like decor was daring, and colours were mismatching.  Lines were heavily emphasized.  You notice the dining tables were striped black and white, racks, railings were all straight, bringing harmony into the space.  I find the place very cute, cool, neat, organized, stylish and combines natural elements with modern finishes.  This is like a little boutique cottage.


Waupoos Cider Steamed Clams and Salt Spring Mussels with garlic bread ($21) was really good.  The clams and mussels were imported but everything else were grown or made locally in the county.  The clams and mussels were chewy and fresh.  Its water from their naturally grown habitat was maintained too.  However, most of its flavour was taken over by the broth made of cider from the Waupoos region, west of Wellington.  The broth also had onions, parsley, chili and pepper added to it.   I like the chili garnish to the dish, as it added heat to the overall taste.  The broth was very aromatic and had a strong residual alcohol cider beer like taste to it.  When I used the crispy garlic bread to soak up the remaining broth I thought it was extremely salty, but I still drained it all.  In fact, I ate everything that was edible because everything had a touch of the broth flavour attached.  Do not waste it!


Devonshire Burger ($18) is made of 6oz prinzen beef, black river cheddar, shredded lettuce, onion, crispy bacon, Russian dressing on a house-made milk bun, served with hand cut fries.  The fries were scrumptious; it was topped with coarse salt and rosemary.  The seasoning was attractive, gave the fries added flavourful dimension.  Meanwhile, the burger is a burger.  The beef patty was lean, and juicy.  It was grilled to perfection where the cheddar cheese was melted on the patty and the beef was oozing in oily fatness.  I did like the bun, how they toasted it on the grill, forming a crispy soft surface.  Every bite was soft and chewy.  But overall, there was no surprise to the burger, quite standard or similar to many others.

This is a must stop place to absorb the countryside beauty and relax along the shores, listening to the recurring waves, watch the children play and enjoy their time.  Their menu shows support for locally grown crops and county made ingredients.  Food was fresh and portions were big for what we paid.  The combination of food and view was outstanding!


Food 3.75/5

Service 3.5/5

Ambiance 4.25/5

Drake Devonshire Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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