Slickers County Ice Cream

Address: 271 Main Street, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0

Phone: (613) 393-5433



Bloomfield, the community approximately three kilometers east of Wellington is another main town you must past through to the heart of Prince Edward County.  It is also situated very close to Sandbanks Provincial Park.  Bloomfield is known for its antiques, boutiques and artsy galleries.

As we drive by Bloomfield, I see a huge line up in front of this little house thinking if there is some event or big sale going on.  We parked the car to investigate what the hype and popularity is all about.  Turned out, everyone were in line waiting to buy ice cream.  You know the ice cream would be good if you see a crowd waiting for it, amidst other cafes and parlors a couple minutes walk away.

IMG_1014Slickers Ice Cream Parlor is a renowned favourite in the area.  It is the most amazing refreshment on a hot summer day.  Each ice cream flavour is handmade daily in small batches, using local county ingredients.  The ice cream production house is a few blocks down the side street from where the parlor is located.  As we waited in line, we saw a Hyundai Sonata shipping fresh tubs of ice cream to Slickers.  The parlor is extremely tight, fits approximately four or five customers at one time.  That explains the long line up outside.  You enter through one door and exit at another, leading you to the area of nice beach chairs and boulders on the street where you can enjoy your ice cream.


A big blackboard stating the prices and ice cream holders.  There are many creative flavours available available.  Most of the flavours are creative and exclusive to Slickers only.  I am not encouraging you to buy as many scoops as you want because that is fattening and costly, but definitely try the one that is the most intriguing, interesting or most unusual to you.  Honestly, there is no bad choice.


We chose one scoop of Lemon Sunrise (right) and one scoop of Gotta Love Nuts (left) individually.  Each scoop is $3.75.  Gotta Love Nuts had mixture of crushed nuts – peanut, almond, walnut – in a vanilla based ice cream with a slight hint of chocolate.  It was really crunchy.  Overall, it was unsurprising, conservative safe choice of flavour.  Lemon Sunrise felt like a sorbet but very creamy.  It had an extremely strong citrus lemon flavour.  It had red streaks of faint strawberry flavour, which paired well with the lemon.  We tried the two ends of the spectrum, a boring reliable flavour and an upbeat summer-like flavour.  The ice creams did not disappoint.  It was probably one of the best ice creams I ever had.  They were rich and extremely flavourful.  It was creamy and smooth.  Dairy content was tasted with every bite.

Whenever you are in the area entering or leaving Prince Edward County, needing a break from Sandbanks Park, or wanting a fine treat in the middle of your activity, do stop by Slickers to grab an ice cream.  It is extremely well made and decent.  The portions are big for what you paid.  One scoop looked like two!  I understood the popularity and how it received its credibility.  I wish to be back to do more exploration of the county.  Or better yet, expand your name to the Greater Toronto Area.


Food 4/5

Service 3.5/5

Ambiance 3/5

Slickers Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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