September 12, 2015

Address: 19 Elizabeth St, Prince Edward, ON K0K

Phone: (613) 476 – 6565


Piction is the largest community in the whole of Prince Edward County mainly because Sir John A. MacDonald stayed there to guide the naval.  It was also visited by the prince.  Therefore, the fame was received.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Diners remind me of university economical food, all day breakfast, homemade food, a family gathering place, laid back easy going atmosphere.  Diners also remind me of American movies, where the diner is always located in the middle of nowhere, expecting some violent commotion to happen, or for secret CIA agents to share top notch confidential information.  However, Williams Family Diner did not fit into any of the imagination above.

In Downtown Picton, Williams family diner is a well kept lone building hidden behind the touristy Main Street.  It has quite a lot of traffic and recognition because Giant Tiger, the only big low priced “everything” store, is its neighbour.  If you forgot something at home or need something last minute, Giant Tiger is the solution!  If you are curious and has time to kill, Giant Tiger is the place to go to!  I had my dinner at Williams Diner because it was getting late (8:30 pm), it looked bright, homey and was busy.

*A lot of places in Picton or surrounding areas close at 6 or 7 pm, really early!  If you are looking for dinner past 7 pm, there are only few options.  Head out early!*

Service was prompt and not pushy.  Because there are only two servers working in a sea of customers, mostly large family, few friends and couple gatherings, service was on the slower side.  But I understand and is considerate about it.  She assisted us as soon as she was free to take our orders.  She was extremely nice, making small chats with us about Picton and was reassuring us as a first timer to the county.


Cervelat Sausage ($14) is a platter of two Knackwurst sausages, spaetzle, peas, sauerkraut and apple chutney.  This platter has a mixture of all the basic tastes – sweet, sour, salty and bland.  Peas were tasteless and boiled in water.  The sauerkrat was a bit dry and not as sour as I the ones I have tried in Toronto.  The ends of the cabbage were burnt.  I wonder if they drained the water through evaporation on a pan.  Spaetzle is a homemade noodle out of plain flour.  Knead it, peel the flour, and throw it into the boiling water until it is done.  It was thick and chewy, except the size was a bit small.  Spaetzle had no taste unless you mix it with all the other ingredients.  The sausages were good, oil less, juicy but kind of bland also.  They were baked to slight discolouration.  The apple chutney was sweet, reminded me of apple sauce or jam.  I see slivers of onions and cherries but did not contribute to the chutney.  Overall, this dish was quite ordinary but felt extremely homemade and healthy.


I am a rabbit, I need to have my daily vegetables.  Green Salad ($6) is a mix of greens, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes.  The diner had at least five dressings you can choose from, but the girl recommended the homemade raspberry vinaigrette.  The crops are all grown and purchased from local farms.  The salad was extremely fresh!  The vegetables were crisp and crunchy.  Everything was green, no off coloured pieces and no withering pieces!  The cherry tomatoes were sweet, which surprised me and I might have overcome my fear of cherry tomatoes.  The raspberry salad dressing had a strong raspberry aroma.  In fact, it tasted sweet and sour, very light.  In fact, the dressing was crunchy because you can occasionally feel the seeds that did not blend completely.  This salad was just very promising and full of positive remarks.

The portions of the meal were huge for the amount we paid.  They tasted really light too.  We walked out extremely satisfied.  We were a minority in Williams Diner because of our ethnicity.  Everyone in Piction are mostly Canadian of European descent.  Suddenly, two Asian adults come in, we sort of become a “wow” factor.   It is more quiet, spacious and personal than you would expect.  You have your private space, a good amount of clearance around you.  I admit, Williams Diner was not my first choice or perhaps not everyone’s first choice.   But if you are looking for a fast comfortable meal with a good selection, you can really give the diner a try.


Food 3.5/5

Service 3/5

Ambiance 3/5

Williams Family Diner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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