The Cider Company

Address:  657 Bongards Crossroad, Waupoos, ON K0K 2T0

Phone: (613) 476-1022


Waupoos is another community in Prince Edward County, on Smith Bay of Lake Ontario in the land of cider, wineries, farms, and forested hills.  It is the on the eastern end of the lake, almost to the mouth of St. Lawrence River.  The views in this region are spectacular and has a slight breeze, even on a hot summer day.

Waupoos is well known for The County Cider Company because it is the only one in the county.  You drive up a hill to the driveway leading to the huge parking lot.  There are two barns on the large property.  One is the production site and the other is the retail or dining patio area.  The barns are quite interesting, very basic, rustic and traditional.  The atmosphere is really captivating.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This is quite a large property, with majority apple orchards and in lesser amount, grape vines lined around.  Very welcoming because you are free to walk anywhere for genuine exploration.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On a summer Sunday early afternoon, this place was packed!  Business comes in a never ending rate.  Everyone were just busy bustling around.  I came for lunch and meanwhile, cider tasting.  Their kitchen is an outdoor open style, where you can watch them cook away.  The County Cider Company has no lights on their patio, hence, they rely on natural sunlight to run the business.  Do go early or when daylight is still available because they begin closing preparations around 5 pm.


You must pass the retail section of the barn to the dining patio area.  In fact, you must wait at the back exit for your table.  They take no reservations, therefore, first come first serve.  Dine in only.  IMG_1041As I wait to be seated for lunch, I did some cider tasting.  Each tasting is $2.  You can try their classic Tortured Path apple cider, pear cider, blood orange cider and peach cider. Cider tasted like beer to me, especially the apple cider.  Tortured Path Apple Cider had a tart or dry flavour and dark brown colour, was a bit bitter for my liking.  The pear cider was less bitter, slightly sweeter but was as dry, with a clear beige tone.  The blood orange cider had a mixture of zesty citrus flavour mixed with the dryness of apple cider.  The blood orange cider is more frizzy or bubbly, like carbonated water or sparkling wine.  At some point, I thought they all tasted more or less similar to me.  The peach cider was the sweetest of them all, very peachy.  I would categorize this as a juice, offering a pleasant effervescence and refreshing finish to my cider tasting.  I regret not buying at least a bottle for sentimental reasons or for cooking reasons.  Each bottle has a very economical cost!

*We were sitting under a red umbrella, so, my pictures have a strong red hue.*


Mango, Black Bean & Corn Salsa is served with corn tortilla chips ($10).  There was a hefty amount of tortilla chips in the paper bag, more than what you need for the salsa.  These chips were lightly salted and baked to crispness with a slight burn to them.  I would be just as happy eating them plain, just the way they are.  The salsa was decent.  The salsa was really fresh, juicy and sweet from the generous amounts of diced mangoes, and the freshly diced tomatoes from Vicki’s Veggies.  The texture was chewy from the black bean and corn, which also added dimension to the flavours too.  We could not stop complimenting or stop eating it.  Overall, the flavours of the salsa was vivid and memorable.


Hots For You Pizza ($17.50) is made of tomato pesto sauce, grilled hot Italian sausage, spicy marinated eggplant, fresh tomato and fresh basil.  This is a new generation creative pizza, different from the traditional Italian types, though still baked in a hot stone oven.  The thin crust pizza was baked to perfection, very crunchy and crispy.  And the toppings were interesting.  The handful of mint leaves garnish over the cooked pizza made it extra refreshing with each bite.  Because the chopped mint was raw, an abundant supply of it, made it slightly bitter, but overall, did not affect the pizza too much.  There was a little heat or hot spice to the pizza, making it very delightful and attractive.  Once again, the fresh tomatoes were very sweet and fresh, where some of the juice was absorbed by the toppings underneath.  That explains why the pizza was not burnt because the heat in the oven evaporated the water content.

Owners and employees take pride in being a county local.  They showed amazing support and enthusiasm in their cider drinks and production. Their friendly service was assuring.  Having lunch on the patio was rewarding because the patio is on top of a hill, looking down to the apple orchards, grape vines and ultimately to Lake Ontario.  The view was spectacular and very relaxing, complimented by their exquisite food.


Food 4/5

Service 3.5/5

Ambiance 4/5

County Cider Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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