Do Us a Flavour 2015

Do us a Flavour is back again!


I actually tried them all, but only took a picture of the 2 bags.  I APOLOGIZE!!!  Fresh chips really make the experience much better.  It was very soft and crispy.

Butter Chicken resembled curry a lot.  I was able to taste that sweet creamy transition.  This flavour was dynamic.  I am glad to say, this was my favourite and truly voted for it too.

Montreal Smoked Meat is a flavour full of spices.  I was able to taste black pepper, garlic, coriander, salt, cayene pepper and others.  The heat slowly builds up after eating a handful all at once.  It was quite realistic, but I realized the flavour annoyed me after a while.  It dried my mouth up and was extremely salty.

Smokey BBQ Baked Beans is basically the original BBQ flavour, nothing special.

PEI Scalloped Potatoes tasted like sour cream and onion.  It had that strong onion flavour to it.  You are able to taste the cheese or dairy powder.

Which one was your favourite?!


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