Rolltation Sushi Burrito

Address: 207 Dundas Street West.  Toronto, ON.  M5G 1C8
Phone: (647) 351-8986

Sushi Burrito, finally a hit in Toronto, despite the idea originated in United States a few years back.  Afterall, Canada is always a bit slower than everyone else for any type of trends.  Dundas Street West, between Yonge Street and University Avenue has become the Little Japan of Toronto because there is a high concentration of Japanese restaurants and cafes along this strip of Dundas Street.

Rolltation adds diversity, variation and selection for the general public.  It does not always have to be the izakayas nor the bento boxes.  Rolltation has a small store front, with only maximum fouth seats, if you want to eat there.  But, majority of the population orders take out to the nearby parks, which has no shortage of, or to home and school.


The staff take pride of their burritos and are very focused in the making process.  The counters are so clean, no cross contamination.  They wash their knives with every cut, but need to learn to change their gloves more often because never mix the sashimi with cooked shrimp.  They always ask for feedback of their burritos and always ensure us their burritos taste amazing or really good.

But I do not find them amazing, like flying colours.  However,  I thank the staff for putting generious amounts of toppings for us, to the point they struggled with the wrapping.

Classic Salmon ($13.99) , on the left, is wrapped with salmon, kale, avocado, red onion, carrot, sweet corn, tangerine, wasabi tobiko and topped with spicy mayo sauce.  No doubt, the ingredients were fresh.  But I find the selection of the fillings kind of odd.  The ingredients did not mix well, especially the corn and tangerine.  The spicy mayo was not spicy enough either, tasted more like regular mayo to me.  The burrito tasted mostly sweet, with the random hint of tangerine citrus sour juice but lacked the spiciness.  The flavours were not distinct enough.  Also, the burrito felt soft, could not hold very well.

Wasabi Tuna ($14.99), on the right, is wrapped with tuna, green lettuce, red peppers, avocado, seaweed salad, lotus chip, tomago and topped with wasabi mayo.  This was a better burrito, out of the two.  It maintained the freshness of the ingredients.  Overall, I liked the texture of the burrito with every bite.  The seaweed salad and the lotus chip added crunchiness.  The seaweed added sesame flavours to the burrito too.  The wasabi mayo was fragrant and hot, which was unmistakable, acting as the soul or the interest of the whole burrito.

There is a lot of room for improvement.  I suggest having tempura flakes in between for added texture.  They can also have crab meat in selected burritos.  I also suggest mixing the sauce with the diced sashimi, instead of a drizzle on top of all the toppings, for an even flavour.  The drizzle can sometimes be hard to control, as some burritos might have more sauce than others.

Basically, a sushi burrito is a normal sushi roll in steroids, and is not cut into smaller pieces.  Sushi burrito is the current popular food choice, and is the new hype of the city.  Eventually, this popularity will slow down, when a new creative food is produced.  I still recommend trying a sushi burrito for fun, though quite heavy in calories and carbohydrate.  Rolltation is a good choice because they have a fixed store front location, fixed hours and food stocked, making hunting down for the burrito easy, compared to a food truck’s limited stock, limited hours, daily different locations and possible mechanical truck issues that leads to sale failures.

*If you do not want a burrito, they can make it into a poke bowl, aka, a salad.*


Food 3.25/5
Service 4/5
Ambiance 3.5/5



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