Nome Izakaya


Address: 848 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M2N 5N2
Phone: (647) 347-7937

Nome Izakaya, known for their a buck a shuck oysters on Tuesday and Wednesday, makes a successful appearance on Yonge Street, near Sheppard Avenue.

Their interior decor is of the natural dark gray stone and wood, making the enviornment really cool and clean.  But a lot of restaurants have the same decor, more or less, but plays around with the colour schemes.  The atmospere is great, considering how the stone paved walls help block sound from neighbours, hence, conversations between friends are a lot more clearer and understandable.  The livelihood of the restaurant is quite enchanting, making you feel energetic and happy.


Grilled Beef Tongue ($8.5)  is grilled beef tongue using salt and pepper, topped with green onion.  Beef tonge was thinly sliced and grilled to a crunchy texture on the edges, but maintaining a soft middle.  The salt and pepper heightened the natural meat flavour, with the green onion giving a fresh aroma and crunch with ever bite.  Overall, I enjoyed the appetizer, but nothing spectacular.


Takoyaki ($5.5) is deep fried octopus ball,  served with tonkatsu sauce, mayo and bonito flakes.  It was crispy on the surface, leading to the chewy texture in the middle.  The octopus was fried perfectly, where it was not to tough.  The snack was not oily at all, but tasted salty, from the bonito flakes and the soy based sauce.  Nonetheless, this was one of the best takoyai I have ever tried because it was able to keep its form and rich flavours.


Spicy Sashimi Tortilla Bites ($9.8) is fresh tuna sashimi mixed with mayo and topped with spicy jalapeno salsa on crunchy tortilla cups.  The bites tasted fresh.  I enjoyed the different textures provided by the appetizer.  It was crunchy and soft.  The flavours were strong, where the tasteless mayo was put to life by the tangy salsa.  With every bite, you taste the burst of the salsa exploding in your mouth.


Apple Salmon Sushi ($16) is filled with cucumber, crab meat and avocado, salmon topped with apple, mayo and green onion.  This was a very creative roll, as I have never encountered an apple-related sushi roll before.  The overall effect of apple surprised me, made the roll much more crackling than the softness I am used to, making it more attractive.  Every bite was full of sweet fruity flavours, making the roll refreshing and savory.


Unagi Risotto ($8.8) is a creamy rice dish mixed with butter and cheese, rested in a stone bowl, topped with bbq eel and sweet unagi sauce.  The rice was really creamy and soft.  The teriyaki like unagi sauce did give the rice a pleasant umami taste, or otherwise, salty.  Do flake up the eel fillet and mix it with the rice for heightened texture because with each bite of the sticky rice, you will feel the fatty muscular bits of the eel.  I did notice the hot stone bowl absorbed the moisture of the rice in the long run, turning bits into rice crisps, very crunchy, but lost the purpose as a risotto.

Nome Izakaya is a great place for friends to gather and coworkers to enjoy a drink or bite after work.  The convenient location and growing neighbourhood gives strong business.  There is a variety of options on their menu, and there is always a bit of everything for everyone.  It is hard to find a good izakaya, for a good value, uptown.  I do recommend coming here for small eats, that can make you full.


Food 3.5/5
Service 3.5/5
Ambiance 3.5/5

Nomé Izakaya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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