Everyone calls me K, a girl who is simple and loves to adventure.  Raised in Toronto, Canada with a Chinese background makes me slightly multicultural and easy to accept different things.  I like to do things that “open – my – eyes”.  But my laid back character sometimes limit me.  Does this sound contradicting?  Well, that is part of my character too.  I never know what I want to do or what to think.  I end up turning into an octopus with many tentacles, touching a wide array of activities, objects and hobbies; trying to cover a large surface area.

But few things I am sure of: I love food – eating out or be a at-home-chef.  I love to sleep. I like to read.  I also like travelling.

I like to share because it is a form of learning.  It also gives me different perspectives on many things.  Therefore, I record anything I find interesting, in picture or word form.

I am simple minded.

simplepointz Toronto restaurants


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