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Slickers County Ice Cream

Address: 271 Main Street, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0

Phone: (613) 393-5433



Bloomfield, the community approximately three kilometers east of Wellington is another main town you must past through to the heart of Prince Edward County.  It is also situated very close to Sandbanks Provincial Park.  Bloomfield is known for its antiques, boutiques and artsy galleries.

As we drive by Bloomfield, I see a huge line up in front of this little house thinking if there is some event or big sale going on.  We parked the car to investigate what the hype and popularity is all about.  Turned out, everyone were in line waiting to buy ice cream.  You know the ice cream would be good if you see a crowd waiting for it, amidst other cafes and parlors a couple minutes walk away.

IMG_1014Slickers Ice Cream Parlor is a renowned favourite in the area.  It is the most amazing refreshment on a hot summer day.  Each ice cream flavour is handmade daily in small batches, using local county ingredients.  The ice cream production house is a few blocks down the side street from where the parlor is located.  As we waited in line, we saw a Hyundai Sonata shipping fresh tubs of ice cream to Slickers.  The parlor is extremely tight, fits approximately four or five customers at one time.  That explains the long line up outside.  You enter through one door and exit at another, leading you to the area of nice beach chairs and boulders on the street where you can enjoy your ice cream.


A big blackboard stating the prices and ice cream holders.  There are many creative flavours available available.  Most of the flavours are creative and exclusive to Slickers only.  I am not encouraging you to buy as many scoops as you want because that is fattening and costly, but definitely try the one that is the most intriguing, interesting or most unusual to you.  Honestly, there is no bad choice.


We chose one scoop of Lemon Sunrise (right) and one scoop of Gotta Love Nuts (left) individually.  Each scoop is $3.75.  Gotta Love Nuts had mixture of crushed nuts – peanut, almond, walnut – in a vanilla based ice cream with a slight hint of chocolate.  It was really crunchy.  Overall, it was unsurprising, conservative safe choice of flavour.  Lemon Sunrise felt like a sorbet but very creamy.  It had an extremely strong citrus lemon flavour.  It had red streaks of faint strawberry flavour, which paired well with the lemon.  We tried the two ends of the spectrum, a boring reliable flavour and an upbeat summer-like flavour.  The ice creams did not disappoint.  It was probably one of the best ice creams I ever had.  They were rich and extremely flavourful.  It was creamy and smooth.  Dairy content was tasted with every bite.

Whenever you are in the area entering or leaving Prince Edward County, needing a break from Sandbanks Park, or wanting a fine treat in the middle of your activity, do stop by Slickers to grab an ice cream.  It is extremely well made and decent.  The portions are big for what you paid.  One scoop looked like two!  I understood the popularity and how it received its credibility.  I wish to be back to do more exploration of the county.  Or better yet, expand your name to the Greater Toronto Area.


Food 4/5

Service 3.5/5

Ambiance 3/5

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Millie Creperie

Address: 161 Baldwin Street, Kensington Market, Toronto ON M5V3H9

Phone: (416) 977-1922


Summer is the season for random exploration in the city and staying out late because the temperatures accommodate us to do so.  It is also the season where a lot of stores grand open, meaning, new places to probe.


Millie Creperie is a cafe tucked in Kensington Market, right off a side street in Chinatown, probably a two minute walk from Spadina Ave.  But we kept on missing it because it does not stand out colourfully or highly decorated like other cafes and is extremely small in size.  I am not sure when it opened but its popularity is spreading around the city, thanks to Instagram and Facebook.  The owners advertise by urging customers who are these interface users to post photos onto their public profiles.


The shop itself only has three simple dining tables and roughly around 8 chairs.  It is extremely tiny that most of their customers order take out.  The “kitchen” or fridge area is extremely tight that the servers or girls were squeezing through one another or angling themselves a certain way to get things or to pass by one another.  No exaggeration!

The cafe offers wide range of products from dessert crepes to savory types, cakes to parfait to ice cream.  I am sure there must be something that fits everyone’s taste buds.  Price is competitive and reasonable for the handmade on the spot products.

The girl servers were polite and sweet.  But I could not comment on their service because it was sort-of take out style.  I was not there long enough where they had to assist and serve us.  However, the outlook of the cafe is very clean and maintained good hygiene by switching gloves, wiping counter tops, or glass doors.


Green Tea Matcha Crepe Cake ($7.60 + taxes) is a meticulously built cake of at least 20 layers of crepe with matcha powdered whipped cream spread and layered in between.  The cake was delicious and not sweet at all.  It was also very delicate and soft, offered a melt in mouth texture.  I think I am addicted to this.  Is matcha caffeinated?  Since matcha is an antioxidant, hence I feel quite healthy devouring this cake.

I will be back to try the rest of their menu.  Open somewhere uptown, so I do not need to travel so far!


Food 4/5

Service n/a

Ambiance 2/5

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Isee Isee Handcrafted Icy Desserts

Address: G/F, Haven Court, No. 138 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Phone: 2337 3361

What can be more refreshing on a hot humid summer day than a cold treat like a popsicle?  In the summer months, I assure everyone that the heat is unbearable, no matter which continent you are in.  The desire for something cold and sweet or even fruity is always on the top of the list.

I recently traveled to Hong Kong, the city with amazing food and plentiful creativity.  Their scorching +30 degrees Celsius temperature mixed with humidity makes the city very unbearable.  A concrete forest which survives under air conditioners and cold products, there is no doubt dessert and iced drinks or snacks are of great popularity among their citizens.

The small bright store front stands out brightly and airily in a row of dark old fashioned stores along the street.  It is extremely easy to find in the Causeway Bay area because the street is behind the shopping area with a lot of high end and expensive malls, full of rich, high class and prominent citizens.  Some people purposely walk here to enjoy the cold snack, many actually drive here and stop the car right at the entrance to order.  It is very popular among the young adults and children, which made up 99% of their business.

Right at the entrance is their cleverly designed, simple wall display of popsicle flavours and price list.  The cold treats are all organic and handmade on the spot from fresh ingredients everyday, hence the steep prices.  Hong Kong citizens are strict believers of overseas product.  Therefore, the word Hokkaido on the menu really gives them the confidence that the treats are edible and are worth it because overseas products are just so-much-better.  They do have cold drinks and ice cream other than popsicle, if you like other options or ice pops are not your thing.

Just like how everyone would crave for a can of pop or slushy or juice etc, to replenish the lost water, I crave for something healthy and fruity to replace the lost vitamins and minerals.  Afterall, fruits have a lot of natural sugars SO I would not feel guilty at all.

On the left is earl grey pistachio ($42) popsicle.  I wish there was more pistachio bits on the earl grey ice pop.  The pistachio nuts fell onto the base of the cup, where as they should evenly spread it on each side of the pop.  I literally had to scoop up the pistachio and stick it onto the pop myself or I had to take a bite of the pop, then a scoop of the nuts.  But overall, the popsicle was extremely refreshing, had strong flavours and very creamy.

On the right is strawberry Hokkaido milk ($42) popsicle.  It was extremely smooth, creamy and milky.  How much milk did they use?!  The first bite felt like you dove into a pool of milk.  It was honestly that strong.  The strawberry bits in the middle were legit, made of real strawberries and added depth to the overall experience of the ice pop.  Strawberry milkshake?  Not exactly!  But imagine a mouth full of milky taste and then a sudden burst of strawberry flavours.  It was a fun refreshing summer taste.

Both the popsicles were not sweet, a bonus!  Which one did I like better?  This is a hard question because the two flavours are quite contrasting.  May I say, I liked them both?

It is cute their wooden sticks have a great meaning after ingesting such an amazing treat.  Everyone, have a good day!!  The owners definitely want their customers to enjoy their experience with Isee and their popsicles have made everyone feel good.  I hope everyone liked their popsicle as much as I did.

Reminds me,

“Everybody is awesome!!!”

****word of advice:  This story pretty much survives when the gimmick and popularity is still in the rise.  Once others start copying or is not as interested anymore, the owners will probably pack it up and go.  Therefore, try it when you still have the chance.


Food 4/5

Service 3/5

Ambiance 3/5


Pastel Creperie & Dessert House

Pastel Creperie & Dessert House

Address: 5417 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N

Phone: (647) 352-5588


I have always driven past Pastel on Yonge St and regret not stopping for some sweet indulgence.  Not this time!  What is more rewarding than having dessert, and catching up with a friend on a Friday evening?  Well, this Friday evening took place many weeks ago but this is how memorable the shop is because I am still dwelling in the atmosphere.

They have an extremely small storefront.  You really have to arrive early to ensure a seat.  Arriving a minute late, you can be standing in the waiting line, hoping customers can leave earlier.  Time is really crucial, especially in the evening!  My friend went to get seats for us while I was parking.  Therefore, teamwork is important too.  *I am making this whole experience sound like a race.*

It amazes me how the owners did not rent a larger place to allow more accommodation because this is quite a popular cafe in the area.  Service was quick, to keep the flow.  At some point, I felt rushed because our server initiated to take our order twice when we just sat down and did not study the menu yet.  But it did not offend me or neither was it inappropriate.


Credit: What to do North York

No fancy interior decor or a theme.  I liked the soothing colour tones used – beige and pearl white.  I find it particularly soothing and relaxing.  The simplicity adds elegance to the space.


Credit: What to do North York

They have a large kitchen corner for bustling staff members, continuously brewing coffee, making lattes and producing fresh crepes.  This open concept led to a more spacious appearance.  In fact, it felt extremely home-like and very personal.

The only complaint is the proximity of the tables.  The next table was an elbow’s length away.  It lacked privacy and personal space.  I could hear the discussions going on around me, quite clearly.  Despite chatting with lowered voices, others can still hear you.  There were moments I was sharing eye contact with the table next to us.  But our order of foods came, so I just shrugged, dropped the matter and stuffed my face.


Green Tea Crepe ($9.29) – served with red bean and sponge cake wrapped in thin pancake, homemade green tea ice cream and whipped cream on the side.  Beautiful and attractive appearance.  The crepe was thinly made, soft and smooth; it had perfect texture and tasted light.  The matcha green tea was amazing.  It had a strong green tea flavour and was not sweet, true and real to taste.  Not much red bean and sponge cake were found in the crepe, so I was somewhat disappointed.  The crepe is a ‘individualized’ or ‘separated’ version of a matcha red bean chiffon cake.  Nothing can go wrong with the combination of these ingredients; they are made for each other!  Nevertheless, it was still scrumptious.

IMG_1909Regular sized Hazelnut Flavoured Latte ($4.89) was HUGE!  The drink had very strong hazelnut flavour and sprinkled with real hazelnut bits.  Very legitimate~  The frothy hot milk was very fun to drink.  It felt like a bubble bath, blowing the bubbles and giggles everywhere.  This latte was that enjoyable.

Stop by for an afternoon tea, as I think it will not be as packed and the quality of the food is as good.  It was an enjoyable experience here, and I will be back, to try the other items on the menu.


Food 3.75/5

Service 3.5/5

Ambiance 3.5/5

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Soma Chocolatemaker

Soma Chocolatemaker

Address: 443 King Street West. Toronto, ON. M5V 2Z4

Phone: (416) 599 – 7662



Other than suntanning on the beach, enjoying drinks on the patio or hiking, there are other activities to consider.  On my summer weekend, I adventured and explored Downtown Toronto.  After vigorous walking and exposure to the sun, a rest was well deserved.  Walking past Soma, the word chocolate captivated me.

Soma Chocolatemaker has 2 locations.  The headquarter is at Distillery District and the one I visited is located on the busy King Street West, in the Fashion District of Toronto, but on the border of the Entertainment District.  The store is smacked in between design related lofts and boutiques.  On TTC streetcar route and major intersections, they have a high volume and broad array of clientele.


Stepping inside, I am welcomed by a cute, trendy, modern contemporary space.  The interiors feel very personal, or rather down to earth, with the finishes, displays and counters made of wood and limestone collected from mother nature.  Great carpentry skills were shown, as the shelves and tables appear very sturdy and solid.  The space felt welcoming, as it gives off a strong homey feel, appearing like a dining room or a long hallway, but realistically, a storefront full of interesting items to discover.  The layout of the store looks sleek and clean, feels laid back.

Other than being a chocolate retailer, they are also a cafe, serving gourmet coffee, latte, mocha and teas.  Ingredients are imported from South America, mainly Peru and Chile, which arrives as raw beans and is processed or refined into edible products.  However, this process is done at the Distillery District location, as it has a larger storefront and kitchen.


A fridge or showcase of artisan chocolates were on display, which are for sale as a gift box or individual to have in store.  Truffles, caramel and fresh selection made everyday are found on display here.  wpid-20140727_173729.jpg

Shelves of chocolate bars were compelling to look at.  They have chocolate flavours that you do not find often with other chocolate brands purchasable from grocery stores.  You find chili hot pepper dark chocolate bar, chocolate bar coated with salt, pistachio chocolate bar, berries chocolate bar etc.  They have gift box of mini size assorted chocolate bars if you do not know what to get.  Other than chocolate, they bake biscotti, cookies and others.  A wide selection of products are offered here.

The price of the chocolate is reasonable and worth a try.  No disappointment guaranteed!  They are not sweet or creamy that it feels artificial or fattening.  The chocolate leans toward the bitter side of flavours but not heavy at all.  I find the taste really attractive and hearty.  With a cup of black coffee or black tea, the flavours of the chocolate is brought out.
wpid-20140727_173644.jpgAt the back of the store, there is an area serving gelato and sorbet. It is very popular within the store. On the day I visited, there were at least 10 customers ordering cups of coolness within the hour, which is extremely enjoyable in the summer.  Other than the specialty flavours, they have common ones like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate too.  wpid-20140727_174150.jpgMedium gelato ($5.94) comes with 2 scoops of your choice of flavour.  I picked pistachio gelato and basil blueberry sorbet, after sampling the selection.  The girls told me how everything there was handmade and used sustainable ingredients.  The pistachio gelato was very creamy, but lacked the pistachio flavour.  It felt like I was eating vanilla gelato.  The basil blueberry sorbet was like shaved ice but it was a very different taste, or rather amusing.  The minuscule blueberry seeds and basil herb added texture to the sorbet.  It was really rich in flavour and really surprised how the basil complimented the blueberry extremely well.

At the very back of the store is the chocolate making workshop, a lot of silver-wear.  Looks like a professional kitchen.  Too bad there was not much happening that day I visited.

With Toronto Development projects sprouting, I have the confidence Soma Chocolatemaker will become a popular hangout place in the near future.  Their personal branding and selection of gourmet products to offer are their biggest asset to become successful.  A lot of potential room for further development and expansion.


Food 4/5

Service 4/5

Ambiance 4/5

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Sweet Cravings………

Sweet Note Dessert Inc.

Address: 505 Hwy. 7, Markham, ON L3T7V6
Phone: (905) 877-9338

005-DSC05257Located in Commerce Gate Plaza, bordering the Towns of Richmond Hill and Thornhill, the cafe is surrounded by a lot of Asian restaurants and bubble tea shops. Being in the center of all residential homes and business parks, the plaza is definitely a hangout place for all age groups.

004-DSC05256With drop-down windows and a bright turquoise logo, the store is hard to miss. Compared to its neighbours, Sweet Note is the only eatery with the simplest and tidiest interior design, a minimalist theme, with only a few tables, accompanied by white plastic chairs and hanging light bulbs. A seasonal or festive showcase is propped on the table next to the wall, showing a significant time in the year.  Personally, the space is presented cutely, compliments the sweetness of the desert, and the openness carries the aroma of the coffees or lattes; quite a relaxing place to enjoy an afternoon.

007-DSC05260At the entrance, the monthly specials and the daily-made dessert samples are neatly organized and presented in a glass showcase; very clever and clean. It makes it easier for us to decide on what to choose.  They do have a laminated menu, which indicates ALL the dessert selection and drinks they offer. Other than the usuals, there is a separate page showing the in-house chef’s specials, freshly made, and is the biggest selling point.  The specials are Chocolate Souffle, Vanilla Souffle and Matcha Creme Brulee.

010-DSC05264Chocolate Souffle + Sauce ($8.75) takes 30 – 45 minutes to make. Order ahead of time! We paired it with guava sauce, thinking it is different and I don’t eat guava often. Though the sauce was somewhat sour, but I was able to taste the pulp; therefore, I assume, it was made of fresh guava. The souffle was extremely soft and melt-in-the mouth; it was not overwhelmingly sweet or heavy. Paired with the guava sauce, it felt eating chocolate coated fruits, quite enjoyable.

001-DSC05253Matcha Latte ($4.50) was really frothy and had a very distinct matcha taste. It was pretty much a latte with a spoonful of matcha powder smothered on top.  However, when you drink to the bottom, you would realize it is just milk and no matcha.

003-DSC05255Creme Caramel Milk Bottle ($4.75) looked so cute. All the caramel syrup was positioned at the bottom of the bottle. When you poke your spoon to the bottom, a capillary effect is formed and the caramel gushes upwards. When you mix it all together, you are eating a non-baked, cold version of creme brulee. It was not sweet or heavy at all. I find it really interesting and satisfying.

009-DSC05262Mango Meringue ($6.50) was airy and crunchy. I am not a big fan of meringue because it sticks to the teeth, but this meringue did not. The whipped cream was like eating ice cream. Last but not least, I compliment the flavourful mango pieces and sauce on top. It was as if every part was made for each other.

I really enjoyed the desserts at Sweet Note. While I was there, the chef was still busily making the desserts; whipping or whisking the batter. It had a different menu, especially for North Toronto area, and the ingredients were fresh; everything was handmade from scratch. The desserts, overall, were not heavy or sweet; therefore, ladies, for those of you who is worried about gaining weight, do not worry because I did not feel guilty after stuffing all the deserts down my stomach. With the bright, simple and clean appearance of the storefront, I am very confident with the quality of the desserts. I rightfully give Sweet Note 4/5.

***My biggest suggestion to the chef is to make a larger variety because in the long run the customers will find the current selection boring, especially if they regularly eat there.

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