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Wish Restaurant

Address: 3 Charles St E, Toronto, ON M4Y 1R9
Phone: (416) 935-0240


Tucked on a side street off the big intersection of Bloor Street and Yonge Street, you will find an attractive gazebo-like entrance to Wish Restaurant.  You can find a paid parking Green -P around the neighbourhood, but beware of all the condominium construction across the streets from the restaurant.  The prime location and the future opportunities look quite promising for successful business, UNTIL, a developer decides to buy the land, strip it down for new living space.  But, for now, the restaurant looks really cute with the patio and very welcoming.


It was so cute, cozy and dreamy inside, though somewhat tight.  I love the full white atmosphere, so airy and makes me feel like I am floating in the sky, or sleeping on a cloud.  Mirrors were their accent pieces hanging on the wall to make the space look more open and wider to the eye.  You would find yourself very relaxed in the restaurant.  The owners really maximized their seating space to the max, because there were a few awkward seats, under the stairs, a three-some table on an angle facing the mirror column.  I was annoyed looking at my own reflection constantly for the couple of hours I was there.


Apple Walnut Steel Cut Oatmeal Pancake ($15) was topped with salted butter and cider syrup on the side.  I was a little disappointed that no fruits or salad came with the pancakes.  This was a full carb breakfast diet, which was very fat.  This was just too much pancakes, 5 large pieces!  My heart kind of dropped when it arrived.  Lesson learned, always order some fruits and vegetables on the side.  It was quite dry and bland, turning soggy after some exposure.  However, I did bite into small pieces of walnut occasionally, but not finding the apple bits.  Overall, pancake was a pancake, nothing spectacular or screamed amazing.  Neither the butter nor syrup could liven up the pancake.  One last thing, I could not justify the cost of the pancakes; they were not worth it.


2 smashed avocado on rye toast with heirloom cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and poached egg ($18) was definitely more mouthwatering.  Avocados taste good with anything!  So basically, this tasted like guacamole, with stronger cheese flavours and larger tomato pieces.  It was not as mashed or finely ground, but I liked the overall texture because there was more feel to it than the paste-like dip, causing more desire and enjoyment to the food.  The eggs were runny, though with a rubbery white.  With the runny yolk, it added more liquid and sweetness to the underlying ingredients.


Eggs in Purgatory ($17) is baked eggs, poached soft in a stew of peppers, chilies and tomatoes, studded with scamorza cheese and grilled baguette.  This was the best brunch option of all that was ordered.  The name was attractive and matched the appearance, how things look tortured in burning fire.  The sauce was aromatic, full of sweet and tangy tomato flavours.  However, the eggs were a bit overcooked, harder than I would like it to be.  This dish of food had a bit of everything from every food group, your daily vegetables, protein, wheat, and dairy intake, hence, quite a healthy choice.  It would be a shame to not lick your dish dry and immerse all your taste buds with the sauce.

Wish gave me an airy feel and the atmosphere set up your mood to the food that is served.  There is a wide selection for everyone and the menu changes every season, while having a couple of stapled items.  Remember to reserve your tables for brunch, otherwise, you will regret it because I know I could sit there for hours and chat.


Food 3.75/5
Service 3.5/5
Ambiance 4/5

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Montecito Restaurant

Address: 299 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1P7
Phone: (416) 599 – 0299


In the heart of Downtown Toronto’s Entertainment District and Financial District, Montecito Restaurant does not lack clientele, is easy to access, and is quite recognized in the public because this dining joint is a collaboration between Hollywood director Ivan Reitman and Innov8 Hospitality, who also manages Wayne Gretzky’s memorabilia in a dining experience.  This is quite an intelligent partnership because this natural form of publicity and advertisement comes from the collaborator’s individualized fame, which act as a “free” marketing tactic.  With all the bells and whistles, we all know this is quite an upscale, classy, high end restaurant.


Interior decor is a holy shrine to the works Ivan has directed and produced.  Cast photos, movie scenes and behind the scene photos are everywhere as a sign of accomplishment, a recognition and respect.  There was no doubt that I looked thoroughly at all pictures surrounding me in the dining room and as I was walking towards the washroom.  To those who lived in that era, it was a memory.  But those who were born in the 90’s and the millennials, it was all new and curiosity overcome emotions.  Truthfully, the movies Ivan produced were iconic, thus, I cannot imagine anyone acting like a blank sheet.

High ceilings made the space very open and airy.  The tables and chairs were arranged neatly, very organized, signifying a systematic management.  However, I find the room quite dark and I wish they could make use of those large ceiling height windows for some natural light because that would make the outlook more welcoming, especially for Sunday brunch.  Brightening could enlighten up the mood and is more cheerful overall.

Montecito offers brunch buffet at $39 per person every Sunday from 11am to 3pm.  I made reservations for 11am and arrived a few minutes later.  To my surprise, the restaurant was quite empty, that reservations was not really required.  Over the course of two hours, which was the maximum time slot for everyone, only a few more tables were occupied.  Overall, the brunch buffet was not as popular and lively as I hoped.

*Disclaimer* The food options change every week to keep it special.  What I was served this week may vary from others who tried it another day.

oi000356.jpgThe food tables were misplaced or quite random.  The purpose was to avoid huge crowds or line ups, however, I felt confused, dislocated and misguided.  The center of it all, the most obvious buffet table, with the cooked food, salad, antipasto,  was situated at the kitchen at the middle of the whole dining hall.  The seafood platter propped on a bar table, which I thought was not served and did not try, was camouflaged independently next to the curtains.  It comes back to the argument of the restaurant is dimly lit but could also be my carelessness; but how did I completely miss the seafood?!?!  The dessert and pastry table was next to the entrance.  Till this day, I am still trying to decipher the logic behind the position of the food, like, why did they put the food there, why those locations.  It just seem so inconvenient.

The food was of fusion style, mainly influenced by Californian, Mexican, Italian, and Caribbean cuisines.

At the salad bar, there was the typical spring salad mix, kale salad, lentil salad, grilled fennel with beets and peppers marinated with olive oil.  To summarize, you can mix and make your own salad with the provided selection of ingredients.  I was disappointed to not see a pasta salad.  Yogurt and parfait was also served.  On the side, there is a selection of aged and cured ham with several cheese options next to it.  The ham was thinly sliced that it was hard to pick up with the tongs, hence, be prepared to pick up more than 1 or 2 slices.  However, the ham tasted amazing, especially on top of a salad.  The smokey savory protein enriched the flavours of the salad and dressing.  I also paired the ham with baguette, biscuits, anything bland.

Hot foods were stored in the heavy duty Staub cast iron casserole to maintain the warmth and freshness.  They served fried chicken, curry with white rice on the side, pizza, sausage, potato wedges, bacon, eggs.  The fried chicken was so crispy and coated lightly with jerk spices.  Everything else was safe, tasted nothing special.  I thought the eggs were overdone and left sitting on the counter too long, which became dry.  Everything that was served that day seemed to be spicy and the choices were limited.  

There are things that are freshly made.  Waffles and pancakes are made to order.  You can get the original buttermilk pancake or a chocolate chip pancake.  Guacamole is made to the order too just to ensure the avocados do not turn brown.  Once again, I am surprised omelet was not on the list.


 The dessert and pastry selection offered was assorted donuts, tiramisu, danishes, bread pudding, chocolate brownie, cupcakes, carrot cake, scones and croissants.  Mixed into the selection was a variety of fresh fruits like honeydew, watermelon, apple and oranges.  The organization was a bit random.  In fact, I find the dessert variation quite disappointing that day for me just because the selection was not captivating.  In fact, the cakes and puddings have room for improvement.  They tasted a bit flavourless and texture was rough.  However, the croissant was flakey, if only there was more butter flavours.

Servicing and attitude was done quite onto the spot though.  Everyone was so nice, handsome or pretty, well groomed, mannered, and professional.  They were tentative, always there when you need their attention.  However, the young man who makes fresh guacamole was so bored that he was desperately waiting for someone to order the popular Mexican dip.  I also noticed they did not replenish the food based on the age of the food that has been on the counter for, but as when the volume becomes more depleted.  There are things that can be improved on.  Overall, the selection of food was typical, had no specialness or wowness to the flavour.  The restaurant does not scream out to me nor does it yern for more of my business.  I find it quite disappointing for such a high end dining experience.  I hope the collaboration all the best and keep on improving for the years to come.


Food 3.25/5
Service 4/5
Ambiance 3.5/5

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Different Sriracha Chips….Which one is better?

Chips are my own nemesis.  No matter how hard I try to defeat the crave, it just cry for more.  I can truthfully conclude, i am a couch potato.  😦  Just be thankful, I am not the size of a potato.

When I walk down the chip aisle in the supermarket, I cannot help but to look at the different brands and the wide variety of flavours offered.  Competition is there!

Those who know me knows I love spicy food, chilies and love being experimental.  The newest flavour in chips I discovered late 2016 is SRIRACHA.  How could I resist?  I have so far tried the Kettle Brand, PC’s World of Flavour, and Original Sriracha.  A comparison is made today!

Where I Found the Chips:

PC’s World of Flavour Sriracha:  Loblaws, No Frills
Kettle Brand Sriracha: Longos
Original Sriracha: Bulk Barn


Original Sriracha: Rank 1!!  I love how original the packaging is.  The bag really resembles the bottle of sriracha!

Kettle Brand Sriracha: Rank 2! The thick bag is a novelty of the Kettle Brand.  The red colour differentiates itself from the other flavours.  So to speak, red resembles the sriracha redness and the spiciness of it.

PC’s World of Flavour Sriracha: Renk 3! Just like other PC chips, all in the same white bag, nothing special, just showing the ingredients and name.  You really have to go through each bag to find the right flavour.


Original Sriracha and Kettle Brand had the same kettle cooked chip texture, where it was thick, hard and crunchy.  However, Kettle Brand had an extra crispiness to the bite, probably due to the thick bag package, helping to keep its freshness and preventing the environment affect the chip nature.

PC’s World of Flavour was the “fried” in oil texture, thin cut and crispy texture.  It reminded me of the typical regular chip.

Under this category, I rank from best to good as follow: Kettle Brand, Original Sriracha, PC’s World of Flavour.


Original Sriracha: sweet, but had a feeble hint of spiciness.  At least there was a kick to it, or at least attempt to!  The flavour was well balanced and evenly spread onto the chips.

Kettle Brand Sriracha: tasted sweet, lacked spiciness.  I thought I was eating sweet chilies.

PC’s World of Flavour Sriracha: extremely salty, lacked spiciness, strongly tasted onions and garlic more than anything else.  Remember long time ago when there were powder flavours offered at Cineplex that could be put on your popcorn?  Or when McDonald’s had the shake flavour fries?  The PC chips reminded me of those concept, how the chips were really seasoned by a lot of sriracha powder that made the bag of chips a disappointment.  After a period of time, the tongue becomes rough and numb.

Under this category, I rank from best to good as follow: Original Sriracha, Kettle Brand, PC’s World of Flavour Sriracha.


The three of the brands were unique and different.  I do personally prefer the Original Sriracha most out of all.  However, I must admit, they were not attention grabbing or memorable enough that I would have seconds again.  The manufacturers need to develop or strengthen the flavours more and improve it.  But in terms of recognition, Kettle Brand is more easy to access because they are in all supermarkets, while Original Brand is such a niche and PC’s World of Flavours are only recognized under the Loblaw’s corporate.


Sushitto On the Road (Food Truck)

Address: Downtown Toronto, commonly found on University Ave & College Street, Dundas St & University Ave, Royal Alexandra Theatre, Mel Lastman Square *Check their instagram for daily updates of location and time*  They will serve till Oct 31, 2016.



**updates*  They have a permanent store now named Rollipub!**


I finally got my hands on these sushi burritos, the first and original creative mobile makers of this snack in Toronto, before they wrap up and disappear for the winter.  After trying Rolltation, I really wanted to taste the founding fathers for comparison and ofcourse, to follow the trend.

Food trucks are short lived, finding its popularity throughout late spring, summer and early fall.  Once the weather starts dropping in temperature, turns cold and muggy to snowfall, these trucks find it hard to make business.  In fact, in the cold seasons, Torontonians like hearty hot foods to keep warm.  Hence, it is especially short lived with the cool sushi burritos.  Also, the expense in the long run to maintain the truck in the winter can not be covered by selling sushi burritos.


They have a wide selection of burritos and sizes.  The cheaper prices reflect the half burrito size, approximately 6 inches.  Meanwhile, the higher prices reflect the full burrito size, approximately 12 inches.  Order appropriately.  There is always something for everyone.

On the left, lobster sushi burrito ($9) was made of tempura lobster, crab meat, cucumbers, lettuce, egg, avocado, fish roe and topped with a creamy mayo soy sauce.  On the right, spicy salmon sushi burrito ($10) was packed with cucumbers, lettuce, avocado and copious amount of salmon mixed in with a spicy mayo sauce.  They were packed with ingredients and were generous in size.  The seaweed nori was barely large enough to pack the ingredients.  If they were not held by the cup to keep its shape, they would have exploded and became a big mess.

Lobster Sushi Burrito: The lobster tempura was probably made before hand because it was a bit soggy from age and mosture of the ingredients, but, it had a flavourful salty tempura batter.  The crab meat was sweet, balancing the salty lobster and neutral flavours of the vegetables.  The roe, cucumbers and lettuce added a lot of crunch to each bite, quite captivating.  The avocado made the roll very creamy, a melt in mouth sensation.

Spicy Salmon Burrito: The salmon was very fresh and a nice grade of salmon sashimi, very smooth and soft; no tendon like bits to the body, making every bite very easy to digest.  This burrrito only had cucumber and lettuce, nonetheless, added a lot of crunch.  While the avocado complimented the spicy mayo, making the burrito very creamy and neutralized the spiciness a bit.

The flavours and texture of the sushi burritos were definitely better than Rolltation’s.  *Sorry!!*  The selection of burritos were better.  The flavours were far more distinct, rich or diverse and true to taste, also, had a much better texture.  The burritos were very clean to eat because the sauces were mixed into the ingredients.  By having the sauce mixed into the ingredients beforehand, made the flavours spread evenly across the burrito.  Out of the two ordered, lobster burrito won.

I thoroughly enjoyed eating them, to a point that, they were not enough to satisfy my taste buds.  Stay in tune because the owners announced a permanent store location.  For those who lucked out on the truck, the store will definitely fulfill your desire.

These sushi burritos, in reality, is a ginormous sushi roll.  There is still a lot of room for improvements and room for more creation.  A lot of variations can make this concept succeed.

On the side, because the idea should be a fusion between sushi and burrito, the appearance defintiely looks like a packed burrito but the ingredients do not.  This will be time consuming, but in my mind, maybe the rice can be ground finely to flour and make flat breads out of it, to give an appearance of a true burrito.  OR, the outer layer should be rice instead of seaweed.  For structural purposes, the cooked rice can be pan fried to give a crispy outer layer to keep the roll intact.  These are just some suggestions, if plausible.


Food 4/5
Servicce 3.5/5
Ambiance – nothing to rate because it is a truck

Rolltation Sushi Burrito

Address: 207 Dundas Street West.  Toronto, ON.  M5G 1C8
Phone: (647) 351-8986

Sushi Burrito, finally a hit in Toronto, despite the idea originated in United States a few years back.  Afterall, Canada is always a bit slower than everyone else for any type of trends.  Dundas Street West, between Yonge Street and University Avenue has become the Little Japan of Toronto because there is a high concentration of Japanese restaurants and cafes along this strip of Dundas Street.

Rolltation adds diversity, variation and selection for the general public.  It does not always have to be the izakayas nor the bento boxes.  Rolltation has a small store front, with only maximum fouth seats, if you want to eat there.  But, majority of the population orders take out to the nearby parks, which has no shortage of, or to home and school.


The staff take pride of their burritos and are very focused in the making process.  The counters are so clean, no cross contamination.  They wash their knives with every cut, but need to learn to change their gloves more often because never mix the sashimi with cooked shrimp.  They always ask for feedback of their burritos and always ensure us their burritos taste amazing or really good.

But I do not find them amazing, like flying colours.  However,  I thank the staff for putting generious amounts of toppings for us, to the point they struggled with the wrapping.

Classic Salmon ($13.99) , on the left, is wrapped with salmon, kale, avocado, red onion, carrot, sweet corn, tangerine, wasabi tobiko and topped with spicy mayo sauce.  No doubt, the ingredients were fresh.  But I find the selection of the fillings kind of odd.  The ingredients did not mix well, especially the corn and tangerine.  The spicy mayo was not spicy enough either, tasted more like regular mayo to me.  The burrito tasted mostly sweet, with the random hint of tangerine citrus sour juice but lacked the spiciness.  The flavours were not distinct enough.  Also, the burrito felt soft, could not hold very well.

Wasabi Tuna ($14.99), on the right, is wrapped with tuna, green lettuce, red peppers, avocado, seaweed salad, lotus chip, tomago and topped with wasabi mayo.  This was a better burrito, out of the two.  It maintained the freshness of the ingredients.  Overall, I liked the texture of the burrito with every bite.  The seaweed salad and the lotus chip added crunchiness.  The seaweed added sesame flavours to the burrito too.  The wasabi mayo was fragrant and hot, which was unmistakable, acting as the soul or the interest of the whole burrito.

There is a lot of room for improvement.  I suggest having tempura flakes in between for added texture.  They can also have crab meat in selected burritos.  I also suggest mixing the sauce with the diced sashimi, instead of a drizzle on top of all the toppings, for an even flavour.  The drizzle can sometimes be hard to control, as some burritos might have more sauce than others.

Basically, a sushi burrito is a normal sushi roll in steroids, and is not cut into smaller pieces.  Sushi burrito is the current popular food choice, and is the new hype of the city.  Eventually, this popularity will slow down, when a new creative food is produced.  I still recommend trying a sushi burrito for fun, though quite heavy in calories and carbohydrate.  Rolltation is a good choice because they have a fixed store front location, fixed hours and food stocked, making hunting down for the burrito easy, compared to a food truck’s limited stock, limited hours, daily different locations and possible mechanical truck issues that leads to sale failures.

*If you do not want a burrito, they can make it into a poke bowl, aka, a salad.*


Food 3.25/5
Service 4/5
Ambiance 3.5/5


Kasa Moto


Address: 115 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1C1
Phone: (647) 348-7000

Situated in the heart of Yorkville neighbourhood in Downtown Toronto is a chic Japanese restaurant of Kasa Moto.  It is one of the restaurants under the Chase Hospitality Group.  Once again, a big applause to their success in bringing diversity in their culinary empire.  The attention to detail makes the dining experience pleasurable.

The beautiful decor was an awe and was splendid to dine in such an environment.  The natural lighting from the side windows brought an airy sensation into the space, brightening every corner, very relaxing.  But in the dark, the dim lights made the environment romantic, a great date restaurant.  The wall art were very pretty.  Closer to the entrance, they are more of a pastel themed sakura trees.  As you make the way to the back of the restaurant, the theme suddenly becomes more vivid or serious, with traditional Japanese cultural geisha hair styles, dark against pastel colours.  Everything seen within the restaurant is a strong representation of the American influenced  Japanese culture, and sets the theme for the fusion menu.


These beautifully designed, unique, one-of-a-kind menus were exciting to look at.  Drinks, dessert and a la cart menu has its own design.  I must compliment how the colour theme of the menus compliments or follow the interior decor of the restaurant.  Who knew the designers were that considerate to coordinate every little bit of detail with one another to give the restaurant a certain form of grandeur and class.


Kasa Moto Roll ($22), a house specialty, has spicy scallop, lobster and salmon, topped with avocado and sprouts.  The roll was made with daily fresh ingredients from the market; flavour was sweet.  I enjoyed the bite size, where the roll had a consistent thin layer of rice, making the texture less powdery.  However, there was nothing special to note about.


8oz American Wagyu Skirt Steak ($36) is made with steak spice and yakiniku sauce.  The even spread of the fat on the wagyu beef was used to the chef’s advantage, making the steak extremely tender, a melt in your mouth texture.  It was cooked to perfection.  However, the steak was on the saltier side, which was expected, as Japanese cuisine loves salt to bring out the freshness of the ingredients.


Kamameshi ($18) is a hot rice dish mixed with wild mushrooms, burdock root and truffle soy butter.  This was my favourite selection of the evening.  The rice was brought to us in a stainless steel warmer, with the truffle soy butter on the side. The server mixed the ingredients and the sauce into the rice in front of us, to keep the rice moist and the wild mushrooms tender.  This prevents the rice from over absorbing the sauce.  The thought of having the rice in the stainless steel warmer ensures the rice does not dry out and stick to the sides, hence, scraping the rice is much easier.


The rice had a resemblance to risotto, in both appearance and texture.  The rice was very creamy, soft al dente in texture.  It tasted very savory and rich in butter.  The mushrooms were nicely infused into the rice too, where the truffle oil helped bring out the natural flavours of the fungus.  I highly recommend this rice dish.  After all, how Asian are you without eating rice?!


Hamachi Ponzu ($18) is yellowtail fish marinated with yuzu ponzu sauce, topped with crispy carrot and shiso oil.  The ingredients were very fresh.  The thin slices of hamachi fish were submerged in the sauce and was made easy for the sauce to penetrate through.  The fish was thoroughly marinated.  Yuzu is a citrus fruit related to pomelo that is found in Asia and ponzu sauce is a Japanese cirtus based sauce.  Therefore, the dish tasted a bit tart, but the sweet freshness of the fish and shiso oil offset the sourness.  Texture was crunchy becuase of the crispy flakes and the sprouts sprinkled on top.  Nonetheless, this is quite a basic Japanese appetizer that can be easily found at other restaurants or easily replicated.


Rock Shrimp Tempura ($16) is chopped fried shrimp pieces mixed in yuzu pepper aioli and wasabi.  This is not the typical deep fried strips of tempura that you find at ayce or any restaurant.  The creativity of this appetizer was admired because the chef made a twist to it by chopping up the fried shrimp and mix it with the tart citrus juice, hot wasabi and garlic.  It was extremely refreshing, with a candy like texture.  It overall tasted a bit like the thousand island sauce  but slight bit more fiery.

With no doubt, I admired the freshness of all the ingredients, the magic mix of the elements to creative distinctive savory pieces.  All was like an artwork, that ends up in my belly.  Good job!


Food 4/5
Service 4/5
Ambiance 4/5

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Han Ba Tang

Address: 4862 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N 5N2

Phone: (416) 546 – 8218


The restaurant front can be easily missed, without any signage or anything in general.  The good old GPS played its reliable role this time.  AND, second time customers – my friends guided and led us to the restaurant for a double date dinner.

Han Ba Tang is conveniently located on Yonge Street, very near the Sheppard subway station and a lot of Green P parking nearby.  Hence, their clientele is very diverse, in age and nationalities.


The interior decor is very rustic, like an old barn or cabin, completely lined by wood or mock wood porcelain tiles on the floor.  The restaurant is simple and clean with a contemporary touch to it.  I find it cute to have the restaurant’s name glowing in light bulb silhouette hanging inside out at the front window; only their customers can see it from inside, felt very exclusive. It can act as an amazing backdrop for in-house band performances on weekday evenings or weekends, an amazing idea.


The decor makes the restaurant look like an underground English or Irish pub. We are in Canada but for some European Asian fusion, grab a beer with a great companion to spend a night here. But, it will not be as loud or crazy a pib or bar can get sometimes.

Service was good, very prompt and reacts to attention.  They are also good looking Caucasians too.

The entire menu is a Fusion between Korean and American culinary styles.  It is quite extensive and has a good variety.  The portions are quite small, like tapas style or pub like food.  My recommendation is to eat with a group of friends to try the options on the menu for a good representation of the food.  The small portions are great munchies and great for social activities.


Mac & Gouchujang with Baby Octopus ($10.00) is made of macaroni, baby octopus, onion, and green bell pepper baked with cheddar and mozzarella cheese mixture, topped with house made extra spicy sauce.  The mac and cheese was very creamy and stringy with the assistance of the cheese mixture. The dish was very rich in flavour, and heavy or filling. The baby octopus was finely chopped and could barely feel its texture but I think it was mainly used to add dimension to the macaroni. Personally, I am not a fan of cheese, so overall, this dish did not appeal to me. BUT, I am biased.  I still encourage everyone to try it.


Triple Kalbi Taco ($13.00) is grilled kalbi or beef short ribs, topped with onion, red bell pepper, green onion, and deep fried onion, wrapped in taco shell. Were the portions ever small.  This dish reminds me of Peking Duck, except made of beef.  The kalbi was cut into fine strips and very soft to the bite.  Overall flavour was sweet, with the help of the sauteed vegetables and marinade made of soy sauce, brown sugar.  My only complaint is how the taco shell is soft and thin.  When something hot and wet was put on it, it tends to moisten the shell, causing it to break easily.


Tofu Kimchi with Braised Pork Belly ($10.00) is sauteed kimchi, braised pork belly, and tomato rested on fresh tofu. I find this refteshing because of the soft, fresh and bland tofu helped to offset the salty pork belly. It also had a fiery kick to it with the kimchi. I could not get enough of it. Why were the portions so small?! I would love to have triple portions. This was a very enjoyable appetizer.


Kimchi Fries ($10.00) with added Bulgogi ($3.00) is pan fried kimchi with potato fries, topped with bulgogi or grilled marinated beef, herb mayo, chopped scallion and house made gravy. This was my favourite dish of the evening. It is a stapled item and heartwarming food choice in a Korean fusion style. It had a strong spicy kick, but also sweet at the same time. It gives a new perspective to the original fries. The fries just tasted amazing.


Black Calamari ($11.00) is calamari in roasted seaweed sauce, topped with cucumber, thai chilli, and fried baby shrimp. The seaweed sauce was thick and wrapped the calimari fully, but the flavour was sort of bland, as seaweed itself had no flavours. The cucumber, chilli and shrimp were just a side character to the calamari, giving it additional texture, making every bite more crunchy. They, also, added freshness to the overall flavour, but it was nothing too particularly special about this dish.


Spoon Pizza ($10.00) is mashed Korean sweet yam and potato, baked with mozzarella cheese and mushroom. The dish was like a mashed potato texture, therefore, I enjoyed how soft and creamy it was. The mushroom was extremely finely chopped, can barely find its existent or texture in the pizza. But overall, I liked the strong, creamy texture.

The dinner was enjoyable. I liked the insipration and the fusion aspect. It is different from the traditional Korean cuisine. The enviornment is great, good gathering place with friends. I definitely recommend groups of friends to try it.


Food 3.75/5
Service 4/5
Ambiance 3.5/5

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