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Momosan Aburi Sushi Bar

Address: 26 Baldwin St.  Toronto, ON.  M5T 1L2
Phone: (416) 901-8892

Momosan Sushi Bar is a new sushi joint, where Bocca once was, opened in semi-Chinatown this late spring 2017.  They are extremely young to the industry and when I visited, I could tell that everyone are trying to get into the groove and move with the natural flow.  Everyone looked a bit nervous and at times, displaced.  I am sure with time and experience, they will improve.


The revamped interior looked hip and modern, especially the combination of black and gray colours.  One complaint I have are the circular booth or benches.  They looked cheap, like made of plastic and looked like sitting in a burger joint.

The manager should take their printed menus into consideration.  They are so filthy and oily that I barely want to touch them.  They are not cleaned and when they accidentally land on the floor, workers just pick them up and hand it to the customers.  Proper hygiene is required.


Sashimi Sampler ($30.00) was in no doubt very fresh.  We were served scallops, salmon, albacore tuna, and yellowtail kampachi.  The texture of the sashimi was very soft.  Except, I am confused with the salmon which tasted and looked smoked.


Saba Oshi ($14.00) is pressed rice with a layer of house-cured mackerel topped with miso sauce and blow torched.   Salmon Oshi ($14.00) is pressed sushi with a layer of salmon marinated with Momo sauce, sweet soy, black pepper, then blow torched and finally topped with jalapeno.  Each oshi sushi comes in six pieces, hence we ordered two different ones to sample.  Both oshi sushi have a strong smokey flavour.  However, salmon oshi won in this particular competition.  I liked how the sweetness of the momo sauce is paired with the heat of the jalapeno in the salmon oshi.  Also, the blow torch released the fatty oils from the salmon, making the oshi melt and dissolve in your mouth.   The saba oshi tasted good too, but, there is a slight sour flavour to the overall sushi, making it less appetizing.  The miso sauce sort of heightened the sourness too.  However, I liked the crusty skin on the saba, a very interesting texture.


Crispy Hokkaido Roll ($12.00) is made with chopped Hokkaido scallops with tobiko, brushed with sweet soy, and topped with aonori tempura bits.  If you require more flavours, a soy pippete is also served on the side.  The tempura bits gave the roll a definite crunchy texture, however, it was unnecessary.  The avocado and fresh scallops were so soft, making the roll very tender to the bite.  Overall, the roll was quite standard and there was nothing special that would blow my mind away.


Aburi Slow Braised Pork Belly ($20.00) is made with a moromi maple glaze.  This was the tastiest entree of all that was ordered.  Pork belly was so soft and tender that you do not need to chew.  It just naturally disintegrates in your mouth.  The maple glaze was savoury and added dimension to the course.  It matched well with the side potatoes and brussel sprouts.  The salt and sugar elements were well balanced.

In general, the food quality was great!  I loved the flavours and the freshness of the ingredients.  But, this restaurant is only a good place for large group gatherings, or during happy hour.  The food portions were small, kind of like tapas style, where the pricing of the menu does not match the portions.  It would break my bank to continue ordering to fill my hungry belly during dinner.  I would recommend this restaurant if you are looking for something light to eat, or if drinking is more focused than food.


Food 4/5
Ambiance 3.5/5
Service 3.5/5

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Wish Restaurant

Address: 3 Charles St E, Toronto, ON M4Y 1R9
Phone: (416) 935-0240


Tucked on a side street off the big intersection of Bloor Street and Yonge Street, you will find an attractive gazebo-like entrance to Wish Restaurant.  You can find a paid parking Green -P around the neighbourhood, but beware of all the condominium construction across the streets from the restaurant.  The prime location and the future opportunities look quite promising for successful business, UNTIL, a developer decides to buy the land, strip it down for new living space.  But, for now, the restaurant looks really cute with the patio and very welcoming.


It was so cute, cozy and dreamy inside, though somewhat tight.  I love the full white atmosphere, so airy and makes me feel like I am floating in the sky, or sleeping on a cloud.  Mirrors were their accent pieces hanging on the wall to make the space look more open and wider to the eye.  You would find yourself very relaxed in the restaurant.  The owners really maximized their seating space to the max, because there were a few awkward seats, under the stairs, a three-some table on an angle facing the mirror column.  I was annoyed looking at my own reflection constantly for the couple of hours I was there.


Apple Walnut Steel Cut Oatmeal Pancake ($15) was topped with salted butter and cider syrup on the side.  I was a little disappointed that no fruits or salad came with the pancakes.  This was a full carb breakfast diet, which was very fat.  This was just too much pancakes, 5 large pieces!  My heart kind of dropped when it arrived.  Lesson learned, always order some fruits and vegetables on the side.  It was quite dry and bland, turning soggy after some exposure.  However, I did bite into small pieces of walnut occasionally, but not finding the apple bits.  Overall, pancake was a pancake, nothing spectacular or screamed amazing.  Neither the butter nor syrup could liven up the pancake.  One last thing, I could not justify the cost of the pancakes; they were not worth it.


2 smashed avocado on rye toast with heirloom cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and poached egg ($18) was definitely more mouthwatering.  Avocados taste good with anything!  So basically, this tasted like guacamole, with stronger cheese flavours and larger tomato pieces.  It was not as mashed or finely ground, but I liked the overall texture because there was more feel to it than the paste-like dip, causing more desire and enjoyment to the food.  The eggs were runny, though with a rubbery white.  With the runny yolk, it added more liquid and sweetness to the underlying ingredients.


Eggs in Purgatory ($17) is baked eggs, poached soft in a stew of peppers, chilies and tomatoes, studded with scamorza cheese and grilled baguette.  This was the best brunch option of all that was ordered.  The name was attractive and matched the appearance, how things look tortured in burning fire.  The sauce was aromatic, full of sweet and tangy tomato flavours.  However, the eggs were a bit overcooked, harder than I would like it to be.  This dish of food had a bit of everything from every food group, your daily vegetables, protein, wheat, and dairy intake, hence, quite a healthy choice.  It would be a shame to not lick your dish dry and immerse all your taste buds with the sauce.

Wish gave me an airy feel and the atmosphere set up your mood to the food that is served.  There is a wide selection for everyone and the menu changes every season, while having a couple of stapled items.  Remember to reserve your tables for brunch, otherwise, you will regret it because I know I could sit there for hours and chat.


Food 3.75/5
Service 3.5/5
Ambiance 4/5

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