Covernotes Tea and Coffee House

Covernotes Tea and Coffee House

Address: 10267 Yonge St. Richmond Hill, ON. L4C 3B7


On a hot summer day, I decided to walk along the historic streets of Richmond Hill and stumbled upon Covernotes, carrying a heart full of curiosity.

wpid-20140704_203755.jpgCovernotes’ storefront is a restored high school in the Town of Richmond Hill from the late 1800s, which, currently adjoins the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts.  The architecture has gone through a lot of fires and rebuilt quite a few times.  In the decade, the building has been reformed, expanded and repainted to fit the town’s modernization plan.    However, the aged, rustic aura is still recognizable.

wpid-20140704_210105.jpgIt must be quite a luxury to go to school then.  I visualize and assume, there must only be a minimal amount of students going to school back then, and all age groups in the same room, learning same things because it does look a bit small compared to the schools we attend nowadays.

wpid-20140704_205757.jpgThe owners are very supportive of local Canadian farmers for their fresh produce.  Their selection of coffee and teas are imported from Africa.  They have a wide variety of food and drink options, along with prepackaged coffee and tea for sale too.  Their coffees and lattes are very aromatic and not overly bitter.  On their condiments table, they offer a jug of water of endless refills, sometimes with a few slices of fruit, making it more refreshing, and definitely feels more welcoming.  The store front is kept very clean and neat.  I respect the hard work and commitment the staff has for shop.  They are extremely friendly and helpful, answering any questions you have.

wpid-20140704_203933.jpgI LOVE THE ENVIRONMENT, as it is very relaxing, laid back, comfortable and intimate.  First half of the store front is the sitting and food area.  And behind is lined with bookshelves, organized in alphabetical order by author and genre, like a miniature library.  This part is definitely like treasure hunting, where you stumble upon used rare books and antiques.  You can buy the books too, of course for a bargaining price.  *I found two first editions Nancy Drew hardcover books; ones that I have never read before.  I swear I was gleaming in joy.  No second thoughts, I went to pay for these books and bought them for less than $5!  How much cheaper can it get, when at Indigo, it is at least $8 per book.  Good Deal!*  If you do not buy a book or two, you are more than welcome to take a seat, read a book or newspaper or magazine and enjoy a drink or a snack.  Slow down and take your time!

wpid-20140704_205920.jpgThey are pretty much a localized version of Starbucks, except the owners do their own product sourcing and better service.  Despite having the public library down the road from them, this is a comparable to a small collectibles bookshop.  You can still find New York Best Sellers on the shelf, meanwhile, also having its old and dirty collection.  Every time I come here, there are small groups of friends gathered together to study or to catch up on things.  In conclusion, Covernotes is a very cute and neat place to check out or hang out at.

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